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Adds seasonally relevant temperature variations to Frostfall. Winter really is colder now, and you will want to stay south for a few months, but summer is also warmer.. and less snowy.

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2015-03-07: I have paused working on this for the time being, as I am finding some minor success in creating actual visually changing seasons.
You can follow my progress here, and please share on that thread any suggestions for seasonal changes that I may have overlooked or not thought of.
Given the scope, of this project, I will be looking for beta testers at some point, if/when I get the functionality working well enough.

There's nothing quite like freezing your toes off in the middle of Sun's Height, or wondering why you don't need your furs on the First of Morning Star.

Frostfall is a an excellent mod, and this patch makes it pay attention to the calendar, making summer temperatures warmer, and winter temperatures colder. Now you'll need to pay attention to the calendar too.

The coldest weather only occurs for a couple weeks in the middle of the winter, and the warmest for only a couple weeks in the peak of summer. Most of the year is spent between these two extremes.

In addition to the temperature changes, this patch forces the weather to notice when it's warmer/colder, and not snow when the season makes the region too warm, or rain when the season makes it too cold. It will intercept the new weather and try to avert it if it seems incorrect.

This patch is for Frostfall v2.6. Do not try it with any other version!

Update (v0.91): Now with Options!
I've added MCM options to the existing Frostfall menu to control this mod.
Under Gameplay -> Immersion, there are now options to disable this mod entirely, or to enforce only winter or summer variations (for use with mods such as Skyrim Winter Overhaul or Summer Skyrim

Install this mod after Frostfall, and let it replace the scripts from Frostfall.

These changes will seem much more subtle than many mods out there due to the long duration of the calendar year. You can change the in-game date via console to get a better idea:

set GameMonth to n

where n is the number of the month from 0-11

For reference these are the basic temperature extremes, compared to the default Frostfall values. It's still cold enough to snow in some places in the summer, and get (freezing?) rain in the winter:

Unknown, but hopefully it should not have any. Only Frostfall cares about the temperature.
Any mod that tries to force a weather that disagrees with the weather changes may be a problem. Let me know if you encounter any!

There may be funky weather patterns in certain areas as a result of this. Bug reports needed! Particularly in the more... unusual areas of Skyrim.

I suggest also using A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget with this. And don't forget to bundle up!

And thanks to Chesko - because without Frostfall, changing the temperature just wouldn't mean anything.