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An overhaul of the children, adding morphs, new clothes and children of the Mer kind.

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Update for the update
I'm thinking of redoing a good chunk of this mod. I'm currently running a compatibility version on SSE and using Interesting NPC's unpatched as a test. Kids in that mod are not shiny, nor have the greyface issue. I did this by using a completely separate head mesh option so that children added by other mods will use default face where as "modified" children will use new head with the character generation morphs. This will take some time as I'm reverting some stuff back to vanilla for compatibility and ease of use reasons. I tried to do too much and burnt myself out and now I'm ready to try diving back in.

Update 2017

Never thought I would be doing anything with this mod again, however, I am working on a SE version, though it should be more compatible with other mods that add children (though not ones that touch the races/existing children. Also, the .nifs in this mod are a disaster with strings all over the place. I'm fixing all of this.

For those that know the more technical aspects for the SE version I am reverting the model space normals back to tangent space to increase compatibility. Also, the nifs have strips in the skin partition blocks, which won't work in SE at all, so I'm having to fix that and also correct the strings so that I haven't got tons of wasted string numbers or ones that are out of the string length. I've tested what I have in SSE with 3DNPC and there are no grey faces on the added children in that mod. Both male and female kids use unique heads, but can use the default head which has no face morphs. This is for compatibility reasons. So there shouldn't be shiny faced kids in other mods.

So in short, there will be an SE version and it should be more stable than this version and be more compatible out of the box with other mods that add new children.

Thanks to AEscraed for making some patches for things such as Interesting/Inconsequential NPC's and the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. It can be found here

Update 13/06/2015
The old version has to be removed, including the addons such as SCOHearthfires and SCODragonborn. It's now an esp instead of an esm, which means you can stick it wherever in the load order. This should hopefully fix some issues.

I've hit a wall regarding modding, and I can't get past it. As such this will be the last update for the indefinite future. Patches aren't coming, at least not from me any time soon.

Update Regarding Mod

Just a warning. Make sure you have a save file well away from any place children are, or else there might be some issues as I've altered some of their clothing. Once loaded with the mod, everything should be fine.

An overhaul of the children, adding morphs, new clothes and children of the Mer kind, to create better immersion.

Now this mod began a while ago. The goal was simple. Can I make an elven child mod, that retains the vanilla aesthetic. It would be simple, just alter the default child .nif and give it pointed ears.

Doing this caused issues, of course, but since I had worked with .tri's before I decided to see if I could create morphs to create the elven children. Turns out I could. With six eye morphs, I patted myself on the back.

But I wasn't satisfied with that. I expanded it to the vanilla children, creating a set of morphs (that took forever, and still have a few issues) that covered everything that the adult morphs had.

There are a few children mods out there. This is a video showcases some of them.

Cells affected by this mod

-Mor Khazghur longhouse, mine and exterior
-Dushnikh Yal Longhouse and exterior.
-New Gnisis Corner Club 
-Atheron Household 
-Radient Raiment
Dragonborn (Raven Rock)
-Ienth Farm
-Crescius Residence
-Retching Netch.

I use an eye mod (which I forgot to uninstal before taking the pics) so don't worry about that.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that affects children.

I hope I remembered all the files. If I forgot any, then there might be issues.


1 Q-Can you make a patch/make it so I can use it with x child mod.
A-This is unlikely. Mainly because they use the vanilla children's assets. They are tied together, and to separate them would require a lot of additional work.

Anticipated Questions

1 Q-Why don't the Orc kids speak?
A-Because a human child voice coming out of an Orc child sounds stupid.

2 Q-Some of them are ugly.
A-That's not very nice. Besides, I tried with greater or lesser success (you decide) to try and make them look like their parents.

3 Q-I think there should be more Orc children in the strongholds, and more than just in two.
A-I know of one that's under attack, so I wanted to avoid that one, and another has a weak old chief, who's youngest daughter (It's implied) is an adult. Also, I didn't want to risk breaking things with adding too many.

4 Q-Their textures are bad.
A-Sorry. I'm not really a texture guy. I did the best I could.

5 Q-The Dunmer eyes in the images are too grey/gray!
A- I use an eye texture mod I should have uninstalled before taking those screenshots. They use whatever eye/brow/hair/teeth textures the adults use.

6 Q-Not as good as X child mod!!!11
A-Use whatever mod you feel is right for you.