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Ever wonder how the Dovahkiin stores 4 swords, 2 war axes, a mace, 2 great swords, a warhammer, and 5 sets of armor? Yeah, I wondered that also. This mod aims to fix that in a dynamic and immersive way.

Permissions and credits
Ever wonder how the Dovahkiin stores 4 swords, 2 war axes, a mace, 2 great swords, a warhammer, and 5 sets of armor? Yeah, I wondered that also. Even if you add a backpack mod, you're still sitting there wondering, "So, I added 2 cubic feet of storage and now I can not only hold as much as before, but now I can carry even more?" This mod aims to fix that in a more dynamic way. While this is all configurable in the MCM, items that fit into certain categories and armor that is equipped now has it's weight or a fraction thereof added as carry capacity to the Dovahkiin. The default categories include:

  • One Handed Weaponry
  • Shields
  • Daggers
  • Two Handed Weaponry
  • Bows
  • Arrows
  • Staves
Off by default:
  • Scrolls
  • Potions
  • Poisons
  • Soul Gems
  • Books
  • All Weapons (overrides all other weapon categories when enabled)

To make the mod really shine, I suggest that you add the visual improvement and immersion mods Dual Sheath ReduxEquipping Overhaul, and HDT Equipment. Additionally, I suggest using gameplay mods such as Leather Backpacks, or if you want to go a step further, Frostfall works well with this mod and on top of its other features adds some extremely good backpacks. Finally, this mod is intended to be played with a base carry weight of ~40 without a backpack mod,and ~15 when combined with a backpack mod. You can accomplish this using the MCM menu and the Dovahkiin Carry Capacity option.

Have fun with the mod, if you like it, please endorse, and if you have any suggestions, please tell me. I want to hear them.

On the Latest Update

Volumetric Capacity is now considered to be stable, if albeit still in Beta. The keyword update represents the direction that this project will be heading. Everything it implements besides basic bug fixes is directed at making the system primarily independent of hard coded values. All the item types are now defined via keywords and compiled via the CK or, if you so desire, TES5Edit. The default types that are implemented can be easily added to or taken away from without editing scripts. This not only simplifies the system, but makes it far simpler to patch. All one must do to make the mod compatible with another, is find or create common keywords for the type one wants to define, and then add it to the plugin following the example laid by the default types.

You must still understand, there are issues when adding vast numbers (100+ in 1 second) of items to the Dovahkiin's inventory in short spans of time. Don't worry, however, these "vast numbers" will not be achieved in normal gameplay unless you make a habit of pressing "Take All" while looking at your chest in your player home that stores everything. And, if you have a chest like that, you are kinda missing the point of this mod.

On Development

If you want to check out the mod during development, it is hosted over on GitHub. It will not always be the most recent build because I won't upload to GitHub until I have at least a semi-working copy. If you understand skyrim modding well enough to install the mod from it's source code, I'm going to assume you understand how to work with any bugs the latest versions may or may not have.

I have licensed it under GPLv3, so feel free to modify or distribute the program; however, I must stress that if you modify and distribute the modified version, you must make it clear that it is modified. I do not want modified versions of my code being distributed without the user's full knowledge that I was not involved with that distribution. There are a couple reasons for that. First, I don't want to be associated with other distributions whether they are good or bad because I don't want to take credit I don't deserve. Second, I don't want people downloading the modified version thinking it is X version of mine because that would be a nightmare for supporting it. Finally, if you do redistribute it, I would ask that you provide a link back to this page. That is not a requirement as that would go against the purpose of GPLv3, but still please be courteous.