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A mod that enhances the detail and colours of over 40 different plants and grasses within Skyrim.

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Sexy Skyrim; Grasses and Plants is a mod that I have decided to produce to Inject a bit of colour into Skyrim. The majority of vanilla foliage is rather dull, and this mod will ensure that you get the beautiful and vibrant colours that you deserve in a world such as Tamriel.

With over 40+ Grass/Plant textures being colourised, your experience in the wilderness will be like nothing before. With this Mod, you can say goodbye to whitewashed weeds, and Hello to Green grasses!

Want to take a look? Watch the video below!


Q: Will this affect my framerate, or slow my game down in any way?

A: No way! This is simply a re-textural mod, and no difference will be made when it comes to performance.

Q: My foliage doesn't look identical to yours? Whats gone wrong?

A: The screenshots presented to you were taken whilst using the "Immersive Saturation Boost" mod. I would recommend using this alongside my mod, for the best results.

Q: Do you have plans to make future Sexy Skyrim mods?

A: You bet! From Tree bark to Mountain mods, I can assure you there is more to come.

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If you have any queries about the compatibility of this mod, then look no further! Here is a list of mods that have been proved to be compatible with this mod:

 - Unique Grasses and groundcovers

-Grass on Steroids

If you happen to find any alternative mods that are also compatible, please inform me. 


Thank you, and enjoy the Sexiness!