About this mod

Realistic Food in HD!
Modification changes models, textures, physics, collisions and effects on more realistic in HD.

Permissions and credits
Remastered Realistic HD Food for SE HERE!

Realistic Food in HD!

Modification changes:

 - Models (remodeled and smoothed)
 - Textures (diffuse, normal, specular, environment)
 - Physics (more realistic)
 - Effects (normal, specular, environment)
 - Collision (more accurate)

What food are changed:
 - Bread
 - Boiled Creme Treat
 - Eidar Cheese
 - Cooked Beef
 - Wine and Empty Wine Bottles
 - Salmon Meat
 - Cooked Salmon Steak
 - Charred Skeever Meat
 - Alto Wine and Empty Alto Wine Bottles
 - Red Apple
 - Green Apple
 - Pie

More food soon!


Copy the Data folder and overwrite it with the existing one in the main game folder.

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