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Allows the player to change races on an established character and keep their current statistics.

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Have you ever wanted to try out a new race mod but didn’t want to restart your game? How about tired of looking at your character and wanted to change the race without messing up all your stats? Well this mod is for you then.

This is a small mod that attaches to Expired’s RaceMenu and allows your race to be changed without changing any of your stats or giving you a phantom levelup. It will keep all your skills, perks, legendary levels, health, magicka, and stamina at the same levels they were before the race change.

To use this mod simply go to the console and type “showracemenu” then change your race and enjoy your new look without any side effects. Please wait a few seconds for the script to finish. Your character must be at least level 2 in order for this mod to take effect.

Bugs/known conflicts:
1.The experience of the skills sometimes resets and sometimes restores properly
2.There is also a visual glitch that shows all experience for stats near completion but they are either where they were before the change or they are reset to zero experience. Gaining some experience in that stat will show which case is true.

Required Mods:
SKSE by SKSE teamhttp://skse.silverlock.org/
RaceMenu by Expiredhttp://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/?

Bethesda for Skyrim
Expired for RaceMenu
SKSE team for SKSE

Do what you want with this mod as long as you credit me, I made it originally for myself but decided others might want it. I included the source code in the file.

P.S. This is my first released mod so let me know how I did in the comments.