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This mod enhances some of the Skyrim radiant quests and provides an ability to designate certain NPCs as "Quest Givers".

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This mod enhances some of the Skyrim radiant quests and provides an ability to designate certain NPCs as "Quest Givers".

Two things have always annoyed me about the Skyrim Radiant system.
1. The story manager will often send you to a dungeon that you have already cleared once it has reset.
2. You can refuse a radiant quest but only before you know where it will send you. Once you know where the quest is located it's too late to refuse it.

The set of of plugins included with this mod is designed to rectify these two issues. Following is a description of what each plugin does.

Elephant'sModMaster.esm simply tracks every location the player visits and checks whether it has been cleared or not. Once a location is cleared it is added to a list maintained by the .esm, and any plugin that references the master can use this list of cleared locations in quest conditions.
This master plugin is required for any of the other plugins to work.

Elephant'sRadiantEnhancements.esp modifies some of the standard radiant quests to filter out any location that is in the master cleared locations list.

Elephant'sRadiantEnhancements-DG.esp does the same for selected Dawnguard radiant quests.

Elephant'sQuestGiver.esp gives the player a lesser power that can be used to designate most NPCs as a "Quest Giver". Any NPC that uses one of the standard voice types is a potential target for this power, including all of the potential followers other than those with a unique voice type.
Once an NPC has been designated as a "Quest Giver" the player can ask them for one of three possible radiant quests.
1. Clear a Dungeon
2. Kill a Boss
3. Raid a Chest
The location of each quest is shown before the quest is accepted and the player has the opportunity to decline it and re-roll the dice so to speak. Also any active quest can be cancelled at any time by speaking to any "Quest Giver" NPC and telling them that "I don't want to complete the current quest". An offered quest can also be refused permanently, in which case it is added to a master list of rejected locations which will never be offered again. This list of rejected locations will also be used by the standard radiant quests if Elephant'sRadiantEnhancements.esp and/or Elephant'sRadiantEnhancements-DG.esp are installed.

How To Use
The first time Skyrim runs after installing the master esm, a lesser power will be given to the player called Elephant's Location Management. This power is used to display information about the current location as well as the lists of cleared and rejected locations. It also has an option to add the location the player is currently in to the rejected list. Use this like any other lesser power and a menu of options will be displayed.

If you also install the Quest Giver plugin a second lesser power will be given called Quest Giver Power. Use this like a shout by aiming it at an NPC. If the NPC meets the conditions then it will be added to a custom faction. Being a member of this faction will add several topics to the NPCs conversation tree, allowing that NPC to grant and manage radiant quests.
There is no limit on the number of NPCs that can be made into quest Givers, but each one will be operating on the same infrastructure. What this means is that if one NPC grants you a quest, then you can ask any Quest Giver NPC to cancel it, not just the one who gave it to you. Similarly no Quest Giver will offer you new quests until the current quest is completed (or cancelled).

Official Skyrim patch or greater.
Dawnguard add-on requires official Dawnguard DLC.

Notes On The Master Plugin
This file is required by all of the other plugins in this mod. As long as it remains installed, the list of cleared locations will be maintained. If it is ever un-installed then this list will be lost forever. Even if you re-install the esm, the list will start out empty and you would have to re-visit every cleared location to build it up again.

Note that this esm will also be required be some of my other, as yet un-released mods.

Elephant'sModMaster.esm replaces one of the barrels in the Whiterun Guard Barracks and will possibly be incompatible with any mod making extensive changes to this cell.

Elephant'sRadiantEnhancements.esp makes changes to the following quests and will definitely be incompatible with any mod making changes to the same quests.

Elephant'sRadiantEnhancements-DG.esp makes changes to the following quests and will definitely be incompatible with any mod making changes to the same quests.

Elephant'sQuestGiver.esp makes no changes to any Bethesda records, so as far as I know should be compatible with anything.

Unzip each of the plugins you wish to use and copy all the un-zipped files to your Skyrim Data folder.

Elephant'sModMaster.esm and Elephant'sModMaster.bsa are required and should be at the top of the load order after the Bethesda masters (and after all the USK* plugins - you ARE using the USK patches aren't you?).  The .bsl file is optional and only required if you want to unpack the .bsa.

The other files are all optional and can be anywhere in your load order, you may install all of them or just the one/s you have a use for.
Elephant'sQuestGiver.esp has a matching .bsa file which must also be copied to Skyrim\Data.  The .bsl file is optional and only required if you want to unpack the .bsa.

Note that there is no way to 100% safely remove any mod from a running Skyrim game. The only guaranteed method is to revert to a save made prior to installing the mod. That being said, this mod, while having scripts, is very lightweight and un-intrusive. I don't think you will have any lasting issues should you choose to un-install it. If you do so choose, please follow this procedure:

1. Go and get the book Elephant's Mod Master Control from the barrel in the Whiterun guards room, read it and select Shutdown Mod from the menu.
The barrel is the one immediately to the left as you enter the room - see the second picture above.

2. If you have installed Elephant'sQuestGiver.esp then also get and read the book Elephant's Quest Giver Control from the same barrel, read it and select the Shutdown Mod option.

3. Make a save and then exit Skyrim.

4. Remove all of this mods plugins from your Data Files list.

5. Restart Skyrim, load the save just made and then make another save.

No special procedure is required. Just replace your old files with the ones from the new version.

Do what you like with it. If you use any of it crediting me would be appropriate.