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This mods adds the horse Despair from the game Darksiders II

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Despair The Pale Steed

This mod adds Despair , the horse of the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse,Death, from the game Darksiders II, to the world of Skyrim.

I've made several armors from this game and I always wanted my Death character to ride a real badass horse.
So I modified a lot the common horse model in ZBrush and reimported it in  3DSMax for tweaking and Normals baking.Textures in Photoshop.
This model is absolutely not a port of the Darksiders II horse model.

The horse comes from a summon, the only thing you have to do is go to Breezehome and pick the book in the bedroom's floor.I didn't want to touch any lists inside the CK, to avoid conflicts.
Everything of the summon spell is made from the Fire Atronach spell, so it will raise a little your conjuration skill.

This mods adds models to the world and uses no scripts, so it should not conflict with anything.If you find something let me know.

Despite looking strange, Despair acts like any Skyrim horses and uses the same AI.It is a fighting horse like Shadowmere.

I have not tested my mod with Convenient Horses, but it is really just another horse model using standart assets, it should work with it or at least not conflict.

I have no FPS loss even with the flames on.The horse is using 13 particle systems( the same you get on the torch yourself or guards are carrying.)
If you notice anything weird, however, please let me know, although I don't know if I could fix it without destroying the purpose of the mod.

There are two versions of the mod. The differences come from the textures.The normal version is 2048x2048 px.The second one is 4096x4096px.

UPDATE on the 2015/03/15:

The esp has been updated to change the location of the book, for people having problems with Breezehome.
You can now find the book in the Archmage quarters.
This is just the esp, you still need the main file or the optional high res file.

Update on the 2018/05/19
The mod is now available for Special edition, you can find it here:
Thanks to Korup7ion.

Video showcase by Slytra, Thanks my friend

Another video by Neotorious, Thanks to him.

Another Skyrim Mod Feature #41 by NOZI87

Use Nexus Mod Manager
drop everything in the archive in your Skyrim/data folder.

The inverse of above.

The horse looks good with a ENB on.
If you can't use an ENB, the mod will work perfectly too, but the horse will look bright with certain lighting.Try to lower the brightness in the game settings.
If this become a real problem, I'll try too upload a darker version , less glossy, of the textures.

Please ,  do not take any part of this mod for your own ,do not upload my mods anywhere,and do not use it as an asset without my consent.

Bethesda for Skyrim.
Vigil games  and THQ for the game Darksiders II
Korup7ion for the Skyrim special edition port

Enjoy your game.