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Standalone Nix Hound follower.

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Nixy has wandered over the border of Morrowind in to Skyrim, and now awaits a traveler who will show her the rest of the province. For now, she waits at Refugee's Rest until such a person arrives.

(This mod is simply a standalone version of Vigilance - The Nix Hound. I made it because I dislike reskins of base game content. She works exactly the same as vanilla dogs, and any dog mods you use will affect her as well. I personally recommend Hush Doggy.)

She should be essential, unless you have a mod that conflicts somehow. If she isn't, simply type "help nixy" in the console, then type "setessential x 1", where x is the number that pops up next to her name in the console (NOT the number you see when you click on her).