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Analyze and Optimize Skyrim

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In-Game Analysis and Optimization
Comprehensive Internal Diagnostics for Skyrim
Jaxonz Diagnostics provides a robust set of in-game tests and information to aid in diagnosing and resolving Skyrim issues.

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  • Automatically tests, warns, and helps you resolve SKSE and SkyUI issues.
  • Shows SKSE INI settings with explanations and recommended values.
  • SKSE plugins and versions.
  • Skyrim DLC installed.
  • Shows Papyrus INI settings with explanations and recommendations.
  • Shows all installed mods (ESPs) and dependencies.
  • Turn on script profile logging for player, player aliases, and mod objects.
  • Performance testing: 10 different script performance tests, including latency.
  • Performance test history allows you compare impact of changes to your game.
  • Troubleshooter for SKSE and SkyUI that does not require either to be installed.
  • Now logs results making it easier for you to save, share, and compare.


  • Jaxonz Diagnostics will run without SKSE or SkyUI and help you install them correctly.
  • SKSE 1.7+
  • SkyUI


  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • No known conflicts with any other mod. Any load order works.
  • Adds no scripts to objects and uninstalls cleanly.


  • This mod is a superset of Jaxonz SKSE Tester and will depricate it.
  • This mod includes an SKSE plugin which must be deployed for full functionality.


  • Please use the Posts tab for all support/comments/suggestions/complaints. Private messages will just be redirected here.
  • By posting publicly, everyone can help you and it helps help build information for others to use.
  • Please read the first page or so of comments before posting your question. Chances are it has been asked and answered already.

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