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These Fairies have been taken !

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  These Fairies have been taken !  Can you find and save them from their fates ?

 A treasure hunt for collectables, this time Fairies have been captured.

 Many tales have been told
 where captains of old
 captured a fairy to keep on the ship.
 If the weather was bad
 the crew would be sad
 and not return to their slip.

 For the ship she would fail
 as the winds they will gale
 and the sea would take them all down.

 But a fairy kept calm
 the waves and winds balm
 so none aboard would then drown.

 Some fishermen would
 benefit if they could
 by keeping a fae on their boat.

 For sitting all day
 along with the fae
 can benefit by a purse of gold bloat.
 A crabby person holds the key
 to finding the fairies
 and setting them free.
          Your friend, BadGremlin

 Please, find the fairies and save them.  A note will appear in your inventory to help you.

  A fix has been done by 
       Kelsenellenelvian   for spelling and corrections, overwrite the .esp

Please do not re upload or use assets without permission, thanks.