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Makes Winterhold the city it always should have been

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The Great City Of Winterhold

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If you're here for sight-seeing, well then you've seen the sights. Might as well head somewhere warmer.Winterhold Guard

Just a village?!
The first time you entered Winterhold you probably thought it was nothing more than a little village. When you advance through the story you learn that Winterhold once was an epic city, but most of it fell into the sea after a massive event known as the Great Collapse. If you compare the lore to the city in-game it just doesn't seem right. 

A bit of lore

Winterhold is an ancient place dating back to the first era. It was founded by Shalidor the Archmage, the same man who created the infamous Labyrinthian. Winterhold continued as a wealthy and prosperous city rivalling Solitude in Strenght and power. It was even the capital of Skyrim during the reign of Borgas in the First Era. Winterhold has seen better days though. The Winterhold we see today is just a shadow of it's former glory. It all ended with the Great Collapse, most of the city just fell, being swallowed by the sea. Now the only reason the city still exists is because of the College although most Nords blame the college for the Great Collapse.

Where are the ruins?!

How is a massive and important city, once the capital of Skyrim, rivalling Solitude in strenght and power reduced to nothing more than a few wooden buildings? Where are the gigantic walls that once protected the city? Where are the ruins? 

With this mod I hope to restore some of Winterhold's glory. To give Winterhold the attention it really deserves. The aim of this mod is to add immersion to every visit of Winterhold as well as adding a few nooks and crannies to explore.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area surrounding Winterhold or does anything with the ruined farmhouses around Winterhold. 

Interiors are largely the same with only the walls, floor and roof changed. 

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