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Capture and hold the cleared forts, caves and any other location by leaving your followers to guard it

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Capture and hold the cleared forts, caves and any other location by leaving your followers to guard it. This mod simply prevents the enemy respawn as long as your followers stay nearby


As usual...
- Does NOT require SKSE
- Works with everything including UFO, AFT, EFF, Mixed Unit Tactics, Follower Live Package, Followers can live everywhere, You name it...
- Pretty lightweight, the scripts are active only once in 24 game hours, so it shouldn't affect the performance

How to use?
- Clear the location
- You have to cover both inner and outer areas
- Inner: Place your troops inside the building / cave
- Talk with each follower that you want to leave here and select "Hold and defend this location" until you have no warning about "not having enough guards". These followers will guard the place (you can take the rest of the party with you)
- Order the guards to wait OR... release them and make this place their home ("Followers can live everywhere")
- It doesn't really matter how exactly you manage them to hold the location. The enemy respawn will be disabled as long as your followers don't go too far away from the place.
- Outer: Make sure to cover the outside area too (in this case, follower position DOES matter; every follower covers a smaller area, so spread out your troops). Talk with followers and select "Hold and defend"

How many followers do I need to defend the location?
Both quantity and quality matters. The more enemies you have in the Fort, the more followers it will require to hold the place. However, the Level of a character matters in a non-linear fashion, it can really make a difference. A strong follower can handle a lot of weak enemies, and a strong enemy will require a lot of followers from your side.

Note: the "Hold and defend" option doesn't trigger the Waiting state of your follower. So, you have to do it manually (because every mod has it's own implementation of the Waiting state, and I don't want to interfere with it for the compatibility reasons)

Note: Your followers cannot hold Daedra or Dragons

When you order your troops to follow you again, you will lose the location and it will be repopulated by the enemy forces (as usual)

Known issues: 
The ash piles are not covered. The enemies linked with the ash piles will respawn even if your troops are defending the place. I don't think it's a big deal, you can just kills those single enemies when you arrive at the Fort and call "Hold and defend" second time.

I want to uninstall the mod, but I have captured several Forts already. Do I have to move out all the followers manually???
- type in the console 
player.SetAV Variable01 777
- wait 24 hours in game [the respawns of all the captured locations will be enabled back]
- save a game
- uninstall