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Tribute To My Real Life Wolf Rusheeda, This is a Wolf Follower With armor and Has a location tracker as well. She's tough, doesn't get lost and is always in the mix of battle with you. You'll Find her waiting for you right outside the exit tunnel from Helgen.

Permissions and credits
[size=06]Rusheeda Wolf Follower: ReBorn[/size][size=06] Tribute To My Real Life Wolf Rusheeda.[/size]
[size=06]Rusheeda Wolf Follower: ReBorn[/size][size=06] New Armor Color and Design With War Spikes. Also Her Very own Dog Tag. [/size]

[size=06]Location:[/size][size=05] She's at the Helgen Escape Exit Cave.
[size=05]This is a Wolf Follower with Armor and has a Location tracker as well. She is now Reborn, For the Past Few Months I have Been Working Very Hard on Her To make her a very Versatile Follower For any Game Play, So with this Latest Version 5.03 she should be All that anyone could ask for in a Wolf Follower or Follower Mod. Check the Changelog to See some of the Changes Made To her and she is still tough, doesn't get lost and is always in the mix of battle with you, She Now has her own Teleport Spell so you can Teleport her To you wherever you are, Also She Now Has Stealth For those that like to play Stealthy, in addition I made a ring to give any of your followers so they will be stealthy as well. Have Fun with her, She is a great Wolf Follower![/size]

[size=05]SKYUI is needed for the Menu Function.
[size=05]SKSE is Needed For Rusheeda's Command Line to Work.

[size=06]  The latest Release is here Rusheeda 5.03 with MCM Menu Control.[/size][size=06]Rusheeda now has a MCM Menu That will allow the Player to make her Essential or not, Control her CatchUp Features, Adjust her Health and Adjust her Attack Power.So now the Player can Set Rusheeda up to their personal Preference. With The Added Stealth For Both Rusheeda and any Follower you have, For Humanoid Followers you can create The Stealth Ring at a Forge and Simply Give it to your Follower and Now you can be Stealthy without your Followers Giving Away your position: NOTE: There are still places that no matter what your followers will be detected, it just couldn't be helped in those instances. As Of the New Release Rusheeda 5.03 I have Added Some Eye Candy To her Armor, So Now she will look like a War Dog, Along with a Special Touch Her Very Own Dog Tag with her name on it.  I hope you all will enjoy and Endorse Rusheeda she Really needs to get out there amongst the Great mods of Skyrim. Thank you all for your wonderful Comments and Pic"s.

[size=05]This is my real first from start to finish Mod creation, it took me two weeks to learn Papyrus scripting enough to get this all together and working smooth. I would like to say thank you to KrittaKitty, DARKFOX, BESTINSLOT, NEOTORUS, For their contributions to youtube, which helped me a great deal with understanding all of this. Thank you to Bethesda for a great game of Skyrim,[/size] [size=05]KrittaKitty, For their mod Lola which gave me the ambition to make this mod as a tribute to my Real life Wolf Rusheeda and for the Texturing of Rusheeda.

 [size=05]A very Special Thank you to DJJohnJarvis, the Creator of the Sofia Follower Mod, for his Help with scripting for Rusheeda. If you haven't tried Sofia yet go here and Download her:[/size][size=05]

I'd like to thank Queenieangels for her Translation to German and the Pic's she's supplied for me, Please Check out her many mods that she has made I'm giving one here just to get you started:

[size=05]Mods that I used for insperation in the creation of Rusheeda:[/size][size=05] True Wolves Of Skyrim by KrittaKitty and ShimoOkami

Manually Installation:[/size]
[size=05]Copy the ESP, Meshes and Textures-Folder[/size][size=05]and paste it in your Data- Folder,[/size][size=05]and confirm to overwrite if you already[/size][size=05]have a Meshes and Textures Folder there.

[/size][size=05]Credits:[/size][size=05] KrittaKitty, ShimoOkami, djjohnjarvis, and Queenieangle

[/size][size=05]Tools used:[/size][size=05] Creations Kit, Nifskope and Gimp
[/size][size=06]Rusheeda is compatible with all DLC Content, also I would recommend getting Feed the Animals, it's great to give a reward to Rusheeda after she just killed an Enemy ambusher that you didn't see, LOL, she also works with SMF-kuerteeSimpleMultipleFollowers Load Order Rusheeda Befor SMF, she works well along side of Sofia Follower as well, I can only imagine she should be compatible with just about any other Mod, I hope you all enjoy her and the great Adventure you will share together!!!

[/size][size=06]My other Mods:
[/size][size=04] A Colt 1911 And Gun Belt      WETriggerScript pex FIX[/size]