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A new leather armour for all those swordsmen and woman out there. Includes also a rapier

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Hi mates, this is the result of a lot of searching in the nexus for a normal leather armor. Its basically a retexture of shaft28 vest, thieves guild gloves and fine boots. The female models are from karliahs armor
I've also included in the mod a very nice hat that matches very well this outfit (see XVII century outfits) from Mr.Dave's mod Bobs Armoury, his rapier  and a cape from Cloaks of Skyrim mod.

The armor has slightly better stats than the scaled armor set and you need the Advanced armours perk to craft it in the TANNING RACK (to improve them you have to have the materials needed to improve the scaled armor set). 
All sex and races can use it! YUHUUUU! (the new cavalry hat its not beast supported, sorry, but in the original mod yes, check it in the credits)

As I said they are temperable and upgradeable.

I hope you enjoy it. Neither No official mods needed :D
 Beast races are supported.

To install it, just extract the Data folder inside the WinRar into your \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim folder

UPDATE 31 Agoust 2015 

I've added a follower Npc in the winking skeever of Solitude, he can train you in 1 handed weapons and also can tell you rumors. He is called Don Diego "The Imperial" 
Also i've added another rapier and parrying dagger (it doesnt actually parry because i didnt like how it looked when sheathed) and another hat, the Cavalry hat. 


You cannot distribute this mod to other pages, neither sell it in second handmarkets.
I DONT WANT DONATIONS; THIS MOD IS FREE (steam workshop ejem*)

I'd like to thanks Shaft28 for his meshes.
To Mr.Dave for the hat and rapier found in bobs armoury (  and for his help doing this mod.
To the creator of Cloaks of Skyrim.
To bethesta for making creation kit and the game.
To Moralin for the meshes and textures of the cup hilt rapier and parrying dagger( 
To Shogunl16 for the meshes of the cavalry hat (

PD: I highly recommend using Project Flintlock Rifle from goshu, Project ENB, Climates of Tamriel, New Animation- Power Thrust ( and 360 Walk and Run Plus for no clipping with the cape (