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Merge Skyrim Mods

Hello all! I have provided a text file and video that walks you through step-by-step on how to merge Skyrim mods. 

 *This isn't my video, but I originally learnt how to merge mods from it. All credit goes to PlagueHush!

 Things you will need:


 *Merge Plugins xEdit Script -

 *7-Zip - 

[left] Reasons to merge mods include:[/left]

 *You have a large load order
 *You use heaps of mods
 *Overall neatness (in Skyrim's Data folder, your load order, plugins list & NMMs/MOs modlist).
 *Ease of use (to sort similar/corresponding mods into one file).

[left] Reasons not to merge mods include:[/left]

 *A mod that requires several compatibility patches (If you merge a mod & its' patches, the patches won't be able to load in the correct load order as the files are all-in-one). #NOTE# I'm not sure for certain if this is even  an issue. I'm just using common sense as I haven't tested this yet. 
 *You have a small-medium load order 
 *You don't use many mods.
 *You couldn't be bothered

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