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A new outfit for CBBE. With HDT + Bounce.

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Inspired by Optiuq's Zhuliya port, Dragon Lilly is a new outfit for the discrete and discerning adventurer.
Reinforced with leather tanned from the hide of an abyssal dragon and hewn with the finest Tamriel silk,
Dragon Lilly provides an elegant balance of style and practical defense, as well as..... I..... I can't, it's.....
it's just not.

This is four thousand and ninety six pixels of gilded boob garnish. That's it. That's what it is.


Outfit has no armor rating, for obvious reasons.

The outfit is currently split into three equipable pieces, the main dress, boots and armlets all of
which are craftable and enchantable.

Dragon Lilly currently supports three body types CBBE Curvy, CBBE Slim and my own CBBE preset
"Lady Gamora".

The "Main" file comes standard with the Lady Gamora body preset, you can find the "Curvy" and "Slim"
plugins under the optional files section.

Thanks to MightionNY, Bodyslide files are available at the link below.

Either download with NMM or copy/paste the contents of the "data" folder to your skyrim data

The set can be found in a chest inside "Sky Haven Temple", the same chest from which you procure
the blades armorset. Conversely, the armor can also be be crafted under the "Daedric" section at the
any forge.

HDT High Heels
HDT Physics Extension
Groovtama's HDT Skeleton

Q - Do you plan on doing a UNP conversion?
A - No, stop asking.

Q - Why you no like UNP?
A - I'm a full time student, so as much as I would like to put together a UNP or sevenbase conversion to
     bolster my endorsements, my time is limited and I won't spend it developing assets I have no intention
     of using myself.

Q - Can you make a light/heavy armor version?
A - No, I cannot in good conscience give this outfit an armor rating.

Q - Can we get a sweet ass weapon set to go along with this glorious outfit?
A - Probably not. I've already started on something else and I don't see myself coming back to this.

Somber 3 ENB                       
Jasmin ENB                      
True Daughters of Skyrim           
[size=3]Unique Unique  
Dragonfly's Idle Animation    
Temptress Race
KS Hairdo's
Pinup Poser 1.5

Bethesda - for the game
Optiuq - for the inspiration and port          
Caliente - for outfit studio