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Fill Skyrim's dull night sky with a high contrast nebula that will turn the starry void into a spectacular view.

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Inside the Nebula is a successor to my previous galaxy replacer Bryce Nebula (optional file allows them to work together).

Inside the Nebula replaces black void of the Skyrim's night with a unique fully panoramic nebula.
More specifically, this mod adds a simple skybox to the night sky which allows full sky backgrounds to be applied.

Inside the Nebula is available in 3 versions: Original, Waterfall and Forge.
Check the images tab for previews.

Please be aware that the actual appearance of nebulae will vary depending on your ENB and other graphic mods configurations.

By default ItN removes skyrim's galaxy, but there's an option to restore it in the optional files section.

Also as an option, ItN features replacers for both moons.

Brightness, contrast and saturation of the nebula can all be modified inside the enbseries.ini file (located in your game's folder).
Open it with any text editor (e.g. notepad), find the settings mentioned below and adjust them to your liking (higher values increase effect, lower decrease it - typically in ranges of 0.5 to 2.0).

StarsIntensity=1.0 // changes brightness
StarsCurve=1.0 // changes contrast (and saturation)

1. Use NMM.
2. Or simply extract 'meshes' and 'textures' folders in the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder.

If you use optional file to restore skyrim's galaxy, use one for the ItN nebula you chose, otherwise they will overlap in weird ways.

Delete the following files:

Other mods that enhance the night sky even further:
ENBSeries v0.102 and newer (plenty of premade configs here on nexus - search for "ENB")


Ethereal Cosmos
Enhanced Night Skyrim

25 December 2012: Optional higher res texture for Magmasser.
23 December 2012: Optional secunda moon texture.
15 September 2012: v3.0: New nebula: Forge Nebula.
8 April 2012: v2.0: Added optional masser moon texture.
29 March 2012: v2.0: Fixed blending/collision with Waterfall Nebula and Skyrim galaxy (optional file; new image)
5 March 2012: v2.0: Added optional version with default galaxy restored.
26 February 2012: v2.0: New nebula texture: Waterfall Nebula.
11 February 2012: v1.01: Fixed compatibility with High-Res Texture Pack DLC.
14 January 2012: v1.0: Initial relase.