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Advanced Papyrus
A wrapper program that allows for more advanced use of the Papyrus compiler from within Creation Kit.

- Copy Advanced Papyrus.exe to "\Skyrim\Papyrus Compiler\".
- Rename PapyrusCompiler.exe to PapyrusCompiler - Original.exe.
- Rename Advanced Papyrus.exe to PapyrusCompiler.exe.
If you've installed Advanced Papyrus correctly, then you should see the output of the Papyrus compiler in Creation Kit start with:
Advanced Papyrus: MESSAGE
MESSAGE will be about passing through unmodified arguments or modifying arguments to take into account an INI file.
If you've forgotten to rename the old Papyrus compiler executable to PapyrusCompiler - Original.exe, then an error message will be printed in the output.
See the Features section on the Github repo for information on how to use the various features of Advanced Papyrus.

Argument modification
Arguments sent by Creation Kit to the Papyrus compiler can be modified by copying Advanced Papyrus.ini to "\Skyrim\Papyrus Compiler" and modifying it to suit your needs. If you don't copy Advanced Papyrus.ini or use SublimePapyrus, then arguments sent from Creation Kit will just pass through unmodified.

Mod Organizer
Advanced Papyrus is useful when running Creation Kit via Mod Organizer since you don't need to modify the Papyrus compiler and you can keep all of your script source files separated.
You should modify Advanced Papyrus.ini (or SublimePapyrus.ini, if you use SublimePapyrus) so that the output option points to the "\Mod Organizer\overwrite\Scripts":
output=Path\To\Mod Organizer\overwrite\scripts
You should also have a path option that points to "\Mod Organizer\Scripts\Source":
path0=Path\To\Mod Organizer\overwrite\scripts\source