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Skyrim Winter Overhaul will turn all of skyrim into a immersive winter paradise. This is a renewed version of Climate Overhauls - Winter Edition. Now also with Hearthfire DLC and Dragonborn DLC support.

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Skyrim Winter Overhaul will turn all of skyrim into a immersive winter paradise. This is a renewed version of Climate Overhauls - Winter Edition. Now also with Hearthfire DLC and Dragonborn DLC support.

SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration.esp

This esp is not a requirement for the SCO Winter Edition.esp file, but it should be used if you want decolored/recolored landscapes, because without this esp file you will get ugly colors.

Here a picture where I enabled/disabled SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration.esp file:

There is also a SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration - Solstheim.esp with the new Solstheim Edition. It should be loaded after the normal SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration.esp!


  • 1k snow and grassy snow textures
  • Replaced all textures with snow textures
  • Covered most objects with snow
  • All of skyrim will be turned into winter paradise
  • Added many snow drifts, blowing snow FX, icefloes and frozen landscape to the world of skyrim, as sample the lake of riften will be frozen
  • Decolored the landscape
  • Regenerated LOD Objects and LOD Textures


Download with NMM or manually and install the mod with any mod manager of your choice: mod organizer (highly recommended), NMM or wrye bash. 

This mod comes as FOMOD installation with all optional files included, so you need a mod manager to install this mod. 

There are many loose files, so it's highly recommended to install the mod with mod organizer to avoid any conflicts.


  • Load SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration.esp BEFORE Hearthfire.esm (and the Hearthfire Patch as last after all other files).
  • Load SCO Winter Edition.esp as last in your load order, after all other mods.
  • Load SCO Winter Edition - Solstheim.esp after the main files.

Load order with all files enabled:

  1. SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration.esp
  2. SCO Winter Landscape Decoloration - Solstheim.esp
  3. SCO Winter Edition.esp
  4. SCO Winter Edition - Solstheim.esp
  5. SCO Winter Edition - Hearthfire Patch.esp


They are all included into the fomod installation.

  • Hearthfire DLC Patch: Patch for Hearthfire DLC. Load the SCO Winter Edition - Hearthfire Patch.esp after all other files.
  • Solstheim Edition: Winter Overhaul for Dragonborn DLC.


  • Realistic Lightining Overhaul/Enhanced Lighting for ENB and ELFX (also Enhancer Plug-In) are fully compatible.
  • Not compatible with Climates of Tamriel/Pure Weather, RCRN or any other weather overhaul. Will work with most ENBs.
  • Fully compatible with Pure Waters, W.A.T.E.R & Realistic Water Two.
  • Also compatible with most snow mods and snow textures, so you can use your favorite snow textures.
  • Compatible with Frostfall ,Wet and Cold and GetSnowy. Please make sure to load this plug-ins after all Winter Overhaul files.
  • Fully compatbile with Footprints, you will se footprints everywhere in skyrim!
  • Also compatible with town overhauls or mods which add new towns, locations and dungeons.
  • Most texture mods should also work. You can use other snow and ice textures, but do not use any other landscape or grass retextures. Install other texture mods after Skyrim Winter Overhaul and let them overwrite all related files.