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My Human Race (breton, nord, that other one... you get the idea) preset for RaceMenu mod By Expired (.json file type)

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>This is my BRETON character. This preset for RaceMenu by Expired can be used by any human race FEMALE characters. you can try with elves, but it will look funny. you've been warned. . its a .json file so you need the v3 of RM atleast (i think).
I dont see much RaceMenu presets in here so i decided to put one. its not much but thats what i came up with messing with racemenu. i just got it and i thought id share with you guys. hope you like it. 


You Need RaceMenu mod for this to work. Should be NMM compatible. if not, download the file manually and go to - 
(Skyrim Data Folder)/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets and place the contents of the mod's preset folder there. 

hey if you're using manual install you should know what you're doing anyways.


These are the mods i used on the screenshots above and below this section.

>RaceMenu By Expired (Obviously)
>Bandolier Bags and Pouches By Dragten
>Eldrids Armor Mashup By anka01
>ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5 by Apachii
>I Cant Believe its not an ENB By ElSopa
>Face textures and body textures from said UNPB Body credited to zyd232 by Redux Project Team. dunno the file name and i cant find zyd232 here on nexus either. 
>THE ARMOR SET ON THE SECOND SET OF SCREENSHOTS IS COMPOSED OF DIFFERENT MODS and is edited by me using a little something something called bodyslider by Callente. due to the fact that i didnt upload that as a mod here on the nexus (or anywhere else for that matter) there wont be links here for that for it doesnt exist anywhere but my PC. you may find similar looking armor set if someone actually did it like i exactly did, who knows. BUT if you want to check the original un-edited version of the armor mods, here they are:
>Crimson Twilight Armor
>Elite Rogue Armor
BTW I used the CBBE body replacer and the face texture that came along with it on the second set of screenshots. as you can notice, there arnt any difference other than the bewbies. BOOWBEEZ. 

One thing tho..

     >Depending on what face texture you use, what enb or lighting overhaul you use, we might have a slightly different look while using this preset. 

     >if you want to have my results, use the same face texture i have by downloading the UNPB REDUX PROJECT linked above. just use whatever.

      ALSO. for the hair, i used #92 on Apachii sky hair female v1.5 (screenshot 1-6). so be sure to get that. that being said, THIS IS NOT STAND ALONE ITS A      PRESET FOR CHRIST SAKE. you really should get the hair. or not... some hairs look perfect as well on that facey mazy jizzy majizzle.

                                                                                        Talos Guide You.