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Last updated at 8:37, 5 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:11, 14 Jan 2012

This is codecrackerx9 (original auth. ken1945) Dynasty Armor , redone for CBBE body.
Basically i have added the CBBE body for the armor.
That means that the color you have set for your body, in char. creation menu will be displayed properly.
Also the weight sliders should work.
Replaced codecrackerx9's textures with the original ones.

Note: The .esp is from codecrackerx9 mod. All credit should go to him .
Issues/Bugs :
1. Clipping issues when whearing Chainmail.
2. Some parts of the Armor is not weigted 100% accurate . I will try to fix them once CK is out and i have time to play with it.
3. Armor will not work for Dark Elf race, it might be something to do with the .esp. Fix will come once CK is out.

TIP : if you want the armor as Light or Heavy and the CS perk working, just replace an existing armor.
For example use the Dynasty meshes to replace ebony armor :
Steps :
1. rename the robesf_1.nif and robesf_0.nif to cuirass_1.nif and cuirass_1.nif
2. rename all glovesf_0.nif to gauntlets_0.nif , then glovesf_1.nif to gauntlets_1.nif
3. rename bootsf_0.nif to boots_0.nif, then bootsf_1.nif to boots_1.nif
4. Copy over the dynasty files, the ones you renamed at the above steps to :
5. Load the game. Now when you whear your ebony set, dynasty model should show up on your char.

1).Arms porting- Done
2).Reasignt Textures, for the interior of the Armor . Help needed .- Done
3).CHSBHC adaptaion - (heavy clipping when physics are used :( )
4).CHAINMAIL variant - Done
5).Chainmail versions
6).Thor's Athena or DMRA C adaptation, once he is releasing them.

Special Thanks :
- 2pac4eva7 , for making the video on nif import/export and also for helping newbs modders with his imabh nif Wizzardness
- XunAmarox for putting togheter NIF import/Export guide

Versions :

0.94 - CBBE v3 variant with working Physics

- CBBE - BBP - Dynasty Armor_v094 READ THE FAQ regarding the BBP from "Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-" PAGE !!!

- CHAINMAIL added : - if chainmail is used with CBBE v3 BBP body, there will be some clipping around the boobs.
I will ask Cherry and Claiente for help with this .

0.93 - CHSBHC variant with working Physics

0.92 - arms armor aded
- boots reported (the ones from 0.92 where too big compared with the original version)
- 99% clipping issues resolved in all stances (fighting, running, sneak ...etc)
- gold texture from codecrackerx9's version added
0.91: - armor reported from Oblivion
- boots scaled to fit CBBE v0.2
- lighting issue fixed

0.9 : -initial release

== Upgrade to a newer version ==

1. Remove the old folders or files from the game Data :
- delete the Dynasty folder from : ...Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\meshes\armor\
- delete the Dynasty folder from : ...Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\textures\armor\


1. Download the Mod.

2. Extract the archive to your data folder (for example: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data).

3. Add Dynasty Armor.esp in Skyrim launchers Data files, and then launch the game.

4. Craft the armor :

a. Craftable via smithing at a forge. Must have dragonbone smithing perk.

b. Purchase the armor from the Belethor's Goods shop in Whiterun regardless of level or perk.

c. Open the console (using the tilde key [~]) and type "help dynasty 0" (without quotes) and press enter. You will see the console output with the various IDs for the armor and should look like multiple lines of this: ARMO: (020087A0) 'Dynasty Cuirass'. The ID inside the parentheses will not be the same for everyone. This ID can then be used to obtain the armor like this in the console (without quotes): "player.additem 020087A0 1". Do this for every Dynasty Armor you want.

player.additem XX0087A0 1 => Dynasty Cuirass
player.additem XX0087A1 1 => Dynasty Boots
player.additem XX0087A2 1 => Dynasty Gauntlets

Optional :
If you don't like the chainmail version, just install the CBBE - Dynasty Armor_NO_Chainmail textures.

== Legal ==
The messhes that i modified are free to be used and shared as you see fit.
All other parts of the mod , esp and textures you should ask the authors.


** All credits give to the original TES4 mod author ken1945 and codecrackerx9 for sharing Dynasty Armor .

Original TES4 mod link: