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This is the conversion of Strotis Hobbit Home Resource for Oblivion.
If you ever wanted to live in a hobbit house - now you can

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Stroti's Hobbit Home Resource 1.1

by Stroti

converted by Tamira

Stroti is back!

This is the conversion of Stroti's modder's resource "Hobbit Home" for Oblivion. You can find the original file here:

If you ever wanted to live in a hobbit house - now you can!


Changelog for version 1.1

In version 1.1 I finally managed to get the animated door to work properly so it can be added as a door as usual.


Changelog for optional file:

There had been requests for a split-up interior. Although I only have a very basic blender knowledge, I split up the interior mesh into the five rooms as separate pieces.
As an extra I removed the animation from the animated interior door and added it as additional load door.


This resource contains:

Hobbithome Exterior
Hobbithome Interior (one single mesh)
Exterior static door
Interior static door
Interior animated door

For a quick overview there is a demo esp included. The demo house is located at southern Lake Ilinalta, east of Half Moon Mill, the map marker is visible from the start. This demo house is not really playable as it is not navmeshed and not furnished.

The exterior mesh has a grass roof which has a vanilla Skyrim grass texture that matches the field grass of the surroundings in the demo esp. If you want to place the hobbit house in a surrounding with a different ground texture, you can easily change the roof texture yourself in Nifskope, according to your needs.


Stroti for his resources and for everything he has given to the TES community
The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope.
Skyfox from the Niftools team for his great tool NifUtils
Bethesda for the TES games


This is a modder's resource.You may use the meshes and textures for your own mods as long as you give credit and you do not charge money for it.
Do not upload to other sites.

You may use this resource in Skyrim Special Edition too. All files should work without problems.