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Dwemer Water Treatment Plant used to purify drinking water.

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Dwemer Water Treatment Plant now Available on Skyrim Special Edition.

Dwemer Water Treatment Plant Designed by the Dwarves to Deliver fresh clean water to the Dwarven Cities in skyrim. Though long since abandoned due to the strange dissapearance of the Dwarves, It still Runs as if the dwarves were never gone.
A new Dwemer Ruin/Dungeon to explore Directly Adjacent of the Solitude Dock East empire warehouse. 

This Mod is Available on the Steam Workshop

                                                                                                Change Log
  • v1.5 * General Bug Fix

  • v1.4 * Fixed Thresher Trap again, Added more rubble, redid outside gate , added mist/fog in lower halls, Completed  The Underground.

  • v1.3 * Fixed the thresher trap in Lower halls and door exit direction changed outside so u don't appear inside the structure after exiting the main lobby.  More Traps Added. 

  • v1.2 * Completed the second level adding the " Lower room " of the water treatment plant. There are known bugs that i am aware of and in the process of fixing but just incase tell me of any bugs you find incase there are any i have missed.