Mountain Mansion - with pool and sauna by YoungaHenrik
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Mountain Mansion
Hello, this is my first skyrim mod, it is a medium sized home located south of Markarth, it has a small exterior but don't let that fool you, it has everything you need inside.

Big Pool.
Hot tub in master bedroom.
Alchemy table.
Enchanting table.
A armory where you can show off your armor and weapons.
A working Area with everything you need such as smelter and grindstone etc.
Bedroom for followers with 4 beds.

You need all three dlcs for this mod to work

I recommend usingĀ My home is your home mod to get your followers to live in Mountain mansion.

I recommend usingĀ Spouses can live everywhere mod to get your spouse to live with you in Mountain mansion.

In the screenshots i used realvision enb, 2k textures and cinematic fire.


I will update the mod with new features such as - a stable, chests, childrens room.

Please suggest any features you want to see in the house and i may add them.

If you experience any bugs or see any misplaced things, please notify me.

The mannequins may seem alive, if they do, just leave the house and then enter it again.