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This is a little effort to improve original ugly white distant LOD waterfalls.

Permissions and credits
Here is my attempt to improve original ugly distant LOD waterfall looking like white ice blocks...
See pictures for a quick comparison to understand the difference.

Please, notice that both mine, RWT and vanilla versions are static because they are just textures by Bethesda original design. There is nothing I can do about this ATM.

Manual Installation only:
extract the contents of the archive into Data

(for old, pre-bsa versions) delete/rename the file created with the Installation procedure: all "Data\textures\terrain\tamriel\objects\" and "...\" files.

Dawnguard DLC compatibility (LOD for Castle Volkihar):
Version 1.4 is now fully Dawnguard compatible.

Compatible with all water mods, if they don't save their file in "Data\textures\terrain\tamriel\objects\". In case other mods saved a loose file there, you can just rename/delete that texture to disable it and enable my mod.

1.1 Improved colors and added a foam-like effect. Unfortunately it's not perfect since the static texture gets stretched if needed, but most of the time looks good. Please, leave comments on this version! Added also a new pic.
1.3 ("Alternative v2") available in the download section. Please test it and leave a comment!
1.4 added normal map for Castle Volkihar in the Dawnguard DLC. The same file works fine also with the vanilla game without DLC.
Since 1.4 all versions are Dawnguard compatible.

Simplified download...
Now in BSA format for simpler install/uninstall and to avoid texture file overwriting.
To REMOVE previous ver. delete all "Data/textures/terrain/tamriel/objects/" and ".../" files.