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A player home that travels in your inventory for instant use.

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DREADOWL is my new user name on  I am uploading this mod under that username.

Hello and welcome to my Treasure Chest Home! A most useful, magical item.
This home is rather unique as it's not a home you go to but rather a home that goes WITH you! The Jarl forgot to give you the chest for all your hard work killing dragons and saving his ♥♥♥. So I made sure he left it around for you. Enjoy some of my usual awesome goodies inside but don't bother asking me for other colors because this isn't the friggin' Sims. 

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No DLCs required

Video is out of date and does not show the newest items added.

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In Dragonsreach (Whiterun), underneath the Wizard's enchanting table you will find a red treasure chest. Go ahead and pick it up. 


How it works:

Once you've picked up the chest, look in your inventory under ARMOR. You simply "equip" the chest and you'll climb right into it (teleport). Simply unequip the chest and you'll climb out right where you were. You will not be able to use the chest while in combat or while riding a horse. 



Blacksmith Anvil, Workbench and Sharpening Wheel 
Cooking Pot 
Alchemy Table 
Enchanting Table 
Two Mannequins 
Five Safes (storage will not respawn) 
Five Standing Stones (Warrior, Thief, Mage, Lover and Steed) 
All Blessing Shrines 
One Kahjiit Merchant 

The UI you are seeing in photos is SKYUi Mod and is not included.



Blacksmithing, Alchemy and Enchanting chests will NOT respawn supplies. So feel free to use them. 



V1.0 - Upladed mod 
V1.1 - Added potions, moved a few items and added more goodies. Added music to the cell as well. 
V1.2 - Various fixes 
V2.0 - Re-arranged. Added Cooking pot and Smelter. Added another safe. Added Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy RESPAWNING supplies. 
V3.0 - Added basement to the chest room. Included are Shrines, 5 standing stones and a Khajiit Merchant. 
V3.1 - Changed merchant AI. Added mood lightning so you can smooch with your mannequinn with romance. 
V3.2 - Updated the storage chests to no longer respawn and increased their initial yield as well. 



You cannot sell the chest accidentally to a vendor but you CAN drop it so be careful. (The chest will hover in the air so you can clearly see you have dropped it) 

Sometimes when you uneqiup the chest you will recieve a duplicate chest (2). They weigh nothing so it's only a visual issue and they won't continue to duplicate after that. I'm working on a fix. 

Your follower can't go in with you but they'll be waiting for you when you get out. 


If you want to pick up creation kit and make mods yourself Check out my Youtube channel.