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Spotted hyena - like beastrace (Originally intended to be an NPC race alongside the vaalsark, but figured since that mod didnt pan out, I'd make them a playable race instead)
(Entirely playable, some aesthetic content not yet implemented, still undergoing refinement)

Permissions and credits
Vaalsark - Anubis / Anubian Jackal inspired Canid Race -
Kygarra - Spotted Hyena Race -
Aurnev - Wolf Race - Coming soon!
Niiras - Shark Race - Still being worked on...

==!!NOTE!! v0.1.0.0 bug==
At least on my development system I've experienced a weird glitch in which the Male Kygarra option has various Khajiit facial options which are *not*

intended to be there - since a lot clip/have/problems/dont really fit - I spent my birthday trying to fix this bug to little effect, so I figured I'd just

go ahead and release them now, and fix this later. This mod was made using the same systems as the Vaalsark, so I'm puzzled as to what is happening. I

would suggest not using them since they may disappear in the future which may or may not cause savegame issues.

==My stance on paid mods & Permissions==

I completely intend for the Vaalsark and my other race mods to remain free for everyone to enjoy!

Wanting to use my assets/races in your paid mod? Please contact me for details.
DO NOT use my assets in your paid mod without seeking explicit permission
from me. In seeking permission, you must explicitly declare your mod to
me to be a for-profit mod.

==Alpha Disclaimer==

This mod is currently in development, but completely playable. It is mostly content complete, but is still missing various aesthetic things, and may have

aesthetic glitches which DO NOT affect playability or gameplay. Expect new content additions & improvements over time.

==A note of thanks==

Thanks to everyone who endorsed the Vaalsark, where it made it to the first page on the nexus 'by endorsements [descending]' list for race mods on 6/9/2012

with an endorse count of 59. Even if it may not stay up there in the future, I would like to say that the support (in PMs, the comments section, and

through endorsements and downloads) I have received here from the nexus community has been very inspirational, and I honestly can say that I never expected

to get onto that page. Let alone stay on that page for the last 2 and a half years garnering over 1000 endorsements... So thanks to everyone who has

stopped by and endorsed or commented; here's to a future of high-quality beast race mods!

==A note on lore-ness==

I've seen enough commends on this that I felt I should add this to the main description. This mod is neither intended to be something that adds content

stated to exist in canon, nor something that adds something completely out of place [Ie, just adding it for the hell of it]. The mod-idea that this mod was

spawned from was something more along the lines of The Spires from oblivion; ultimately fanon, at the end of the day, but inserted in a minimally

disruptive manner. Though you don't quiet get to see it yet in the current state of this mod [I'm currently focusing on specifically getting the race

itself complete before working on any supplementary content], there is a large and detailed backstory to this race which intentionally was fitted to

existing lore I could find [I plan to have a long addition to this description by the release with a much more detailed description]. I plan on

adding supplementary in-game content during the beta and post-release phases that gives them a better feeling of fitting in with the existing world. I also

plan to release further race mods in the future, including the canon Lilmothiit (though they did disappear in (IIRC) the second era).

If you are a die-hard purist, well, you can stick to playing with high-res packs and stuff like that - I doubt any realistically moddable and balanced race

could be created that would satisfy you, short of 'playable X' mods letting you play as some already in-game race.
If you are looking for things explicitly stated by canon, well, you can wait for some of my later mods which will feature some canon beast races.
If you don't mind having well-fitted fanon mods, I'd recommend watching this mod for once the supplementary content begins work.
And if you don't care about backstory and that stuff, well, go right ahead and download it if you like it.

BTW, I'd really appreciate it if people would actually read the backstory (once its up around and such before posting suggestions that would be

influenced by it [ie, racial powers, etc].

1. Mod info
2. Change log
3. Future plans
4. Known issues
5. Help wanted
6. Credits
7. Permissions
8. Background info

==1. Mod info==

Spotted hyena - like beastrace (Originally intended to be an NPC race alongside the vaalsark, but figured since that mod didnt pan out, I'd make them a

playable race instead)


Health, Stamina, Magicka all start at 100
Male height is 1.065
Female height is 1.065

Skill bonuses:
2Hand +5
1Hand +5
HvyArmor +10
Block +5
LghtArmor +5
Archery +5

Total = +35 (same as all vanilla races)

Ability: (Currently tentative)
None! Placeholder incoming.

Power: (Currently tentative)

===Current State of CharGen Options===

[WARNING: do not select any khajiit options that show up. This is a bug I have encounted but not managed to fix. Selecting them may cause glitches in the

Custom head mesh: Implemented and fully functional
Custom mouth mesh: Implemented, minor tweaks planned
Eyes: Implemented, several options available
Hair: no options added so far
Morphs: Fully functional
Alternate colors: Implemented, but may be tweaked in response to future textures
Facial markings: Coming soon
Textures: Implemented, work in progress

===Current State of Playability===

Entirely playable

I'm only providing info for manual installation, which is what I do, since I honestly have no idea how NMM handles mods.

Basically extract the archive, which maintains the proper directory structure to merge with the ../steamapps/common/skyrim/data/ directory. You can then

copy the contents of ..extractedDirectory/data/ into ..steamappspath/skyrim/data/.

To uninstall (as opposed to de-activate, which is done through the 'data files' option in the launcher, or the mod manager of your choice [Don't use the

former if also using the latter to manage your active mods, as it will screw up your load order]), just delete the files that were added. You can see which

files were put where by looking in the directory structure of the zip. I'd provide a list of files, but its going to likely change quite a bit from version

to version, so I won't.

See changelog for installation of optional and/or replacer files.

==2. Change log==
 * fixed missing male mouth
 * removed extra files, smaller download
 * initial release

==3. Future plans==

Chargen & Appearance:
Implement more eye options [In progress]
Implement alternate color options [In progress]
Implement facial markings [In progress]
Implement chargen presets [In progress]
Implement hair options [In progress w/ Vaalsark]
Continue work on textures [In progress]
Minor tweaks to mouth [In progress]
Custom voices [Revised placeholders]
Add NPCs [Need help]
Add Items [In progress]
Possibly textures for other body mods (ones that aren't the 'big bewbs' style anyways) (lower priority)
Possibly digitigrade version (low priority, very much something to be done far down the line though. This is what I had initially envisioned for them


Mess around with the racial abilities/powers.

Possible derived race mods (low priority, after completion). If you want to create a race mod based off this mod, I may be able to lend a hand with getting

some of my resources in order, time permitting.
Possible other custom content (low priority, after completion).

===Things I will not be doing (and probably permitting derivative mods of), so don't ask===

[edit the header to clarify]

A 'more human' style (ie, human or human faced, but with ears & tail, etc). The default plantigrade body was already more human than I cared for but it was

what was there for me to work with. [Not happening, I'm not doing it, I'm not allowing derivatives to do it, end of story. DO NOT ASK.]
Textures for 'big bewbs' bodymods [I'm not going to be doing it, but you may ask to release ones you made yourself]
Uploading to steam workshop - the mod is incompatible with it on a technical level. Furthermore, there are serious problems with mod-thievery there as


==4. Known Issues==

 * Khajiit facegen hair options and possibly other stuff shows up in the char creation stage. DONT USE THESE! May cause weird things to happen once the bug

is fixed!
 * Textures are WIP and may show seams. Will be finalized in the beta stage.
 * Using grain-mills may result in the animation being offset. I'm not sure what exactly is causing this issue, and will be looking into it during the beta

stage. This is a Vaalsark bug, I didnt actually confirm it with the Kygarra but I assume both have it.
 * May conflict/experience strange glitches with anything altering vampirism aside from racial compatibility, which it uses
 * May conflict/experience strange glitches with anything altering the werewolf scripts aside from racial compatibility, which it uses
 * Apparently a mod (From a rather long load list that was never isolated) can prevent you from attacking while using the race; to fix this, simply set the

load order to load this mod as close to the top (first) as possible. This is a Vaalsark bug, I didnt actually confirm it with the Kygarra but I assume both

have it.

==5. Help Wanted==

Making custom voices for the race (or I might just modify existing bethesda ones if nothing else)
Feel free to tell me if you have some useful talents/abilities that you think will help accomplish one of the things listed in section 3, and give

examples. Don't bother saying 'I can't mod, but I can advise' - that's what the discussion threads are for; make your suggestions there, you don't need to

ask to do it.

==6. Credits==
All Textures & Meshes derived from bethesda stock. No work from other modders used.
Props to Bethesda, Autodesk, and the Nifskope people for developing the software that made this mod possible.
Also thanks to the people in the skyrim modding forums who helped answer a lot of ambiguous and poorly-documented questions I had. and onward contains scripts & esm from the modder's resource 'Racial Compatibility' by expired6978

Thanks to everyone who has endorsed and supported the Vaalsark ( )! That support has been a great

inspiration to me, and why even after frustrating delays, RL distractions and technical difficulties, I'm still working on new races.

==7. Permissions==
DO NOT use anything in this mod created by me in a paid mod without seeking prior permission.
DO NOT charge anyone for this mod.
DO NOT reupload on other sites. This would be an utter nightmare for me to manage collecting bug-reports and whatnot, especially when its someone else uploading it. Plus I don't tolerate mod thievery. When the time comes, and the mod is sufficiently developed, I may put it up on other sites. I know it says this in the permissions thing as well, but I wanted to re-iterate this just in case, as I had heard of some incidences of reposted mods without permission.

If you wish to make a derivative mod, please check my notes in the section on future plans. Some things I will almost assuredly say yes too, while some others I will give a flat no to.

If you wish to make a translation, and can't do it without using data files from this mod (Which is prohibited by the nexus file-upload TOS), please contact me and I'll try to resolve the issue if at all possible. This shouldn't happen though, as I'm pretty sure nothing in this mod would be required for a release with merely translated text (though maybe there is some localization stuff I don't know about, so just putting it out there just in case).

See for information regarding Racial Compatibility's permissions

Kygarra are (C) to me.

==8. Background info==

===Short background===
(This is currently just the chargen blurb)
Native to the plane the Vaalsark created as their own home, the tribal Kygarra are excellent fighters with an aptitude for both hunting and scavenging.

(More background)
The indegenous race to Vaalhar, the current plane of residence for the Vaalsark, the Kygarra live primarily in nomadic communities on the surface's plains.

This wasnt always the case, as large weathered ruins can attest to - at one point in their history the Kygarra had a prosperous civilization, though this

was before the indended point of entry the Vaalsark made into their world. As the results of Planar Engineering for the followers of the Black Queen are an

inexact science, not even the Vaalsark understood what caused the old Kygarran civilization's collapse, though they have archeologists working on it.

The Vaalsark have attempted to allow the Kygarra into their society, but the two species are radically different. The modern Kygarra prefer simple lives as

hunters and scavengers and are largely unconcerned with science or organized militaries, both of which Vaalsark society revolves around. Kygarra also

strongly prefer the light of day, while Vaalsark prefer the dim lighting of night or subterranean caverns. While the Vaalsark seek to understand magic and

have some inbuilt understanding of it, the Kygarra as a whole have little to no talent nor understanding of it beyond the occasional individual's basic use

of spells. Most Kygarra living among the Vaalsark are there as guards or security for the job benefits - such as good pay, access to reliable food. A few

Vaalsark do live among Kygarra, usually adventurers, archeologists or sociologists, though the diurnal patterns of the Kygarra do make it hard for them.

===Detailed info===
(coming soon)