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Last updated at 6:00, 12 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 5:00, 10 Jan 2015

Over encumbered but can't bare to say goodbye to some of your loot forever? With this mod you can craft empty sacks and when encumbered, drop them on the ground and move some of your loot to it for later retrieval. The sack can only hold up to 150 units of weight, so it can't be used as a general chest.

To use:

Craft a sack from two linen wraps at the Tanning Rack, or buy one from a general goods merchant. In your inventory select it from the misc category and drop it on the ground. Then you can move your loot to it. Optionally, you can mark up to 16 sacks on the map.

To pick the sack up after it's dropped, first empty all the contents then activate it while sneaking.

Recommended Mods:

Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn: Use this mod to take notes of what you have stored on each sack.

Compatibility Notes:

Requires SKSE.

This mod alters the “LItemMiscVendorMiscItems75” leveled list in order to add the sacks to general goods merchants. To ensure compatibility with other
mods either use wryebash to create a bashed patch, or load any other mod that alters the same leveled list after this mod. (In which case you can only acquire the sacks from crafting)


jaxonz, for letting me see use his source code for map markers.