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Armor refits from Dragonborn DLC

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Now with RaceMenu 3.1 support!

I made some SAM (Shape Atlas for Men) refits from Dragonborn DLC!

My main intention was to refit just Nordic Carved Armor because it's my favorite armor in the whole game. Then one thing lead to another and I started to do other armors too! I'm using BodySlide to do refits, so there might be some clipping and imperfections with clothes. I'll try to fix them later.

Done so far/Includes:
-All Bonemold Armor variations
-Both Chitin Armors
-Both Stalhrim Armors
-Nordic Carved Armor

-Skaal Coat
-Cultist Robes
-Telvanni Robes
-Temple Priest Robes
-Dunmer Outfit
-Miraak's Robes

Still needs to be done:
- None!

-Files that need SAM
-Dragonborn DLC

Auto: Install through NMM
Manual: Extract data folder to your Skyrim's install location.


-2.0 ~ Updated with version that works with RaceMenu 3.1 or newer. No more patching required!
- Links updated with new SAM download URL
-Fix for RaceMenu 3.1 added.
-1.1 ~ Fixed the gap between the head and the body from Miraak's Robes.
-1.0 ~ Every armor and clothing refitted!
-0.6 ~ Telvanni Robes and Cultist Robes added
-0.5 ~ First release

Special thanks to Hymnaru for taking so many great screenshots!

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