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A player home set within and around a massive enchanted tree, in the vein of the Lunari race lore, for any race and character.

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Updating from V1.0? I would recommend that you:
1) Go in game and empty all your chests/containers that are associated with DTT.
2) Move your character to the ground outside the tree, or to a town you've visited before, and save your game.
2) Uninstall Dragon Tree Temple V1.0.
3) Install Dragon Tree Temple version V1.1 (or later).

Depending on what state the various items within DTT were left in (like food items on tables etc), you may find that some things are out of place when you load your save and explore the changes in 1.1 or later. If items are in the wrong place, floating in mid air, or if the havok of certain items is acting funny then try cleaning your save.

I would recommend cleaning your save using two tools available on the Nexus, running them in the following order:
Skyrim Save Cleaner - just follow the author's instructions.
Save Game Script Cleaner - again, follow the author's instructions. I recommend using the Mod Editor button that allows you to remove any DTT specific resources from your save game. Make sure you click the Reset Havok button as well!

Dragon Tree Temple is an elaborate player home featuring multiple options for living in style in Skyrim. Based on the Lunari race lore and their affinity for Nature and their creativity with all things that grow (and their Nord-blooded gift for building the old fashioned way), this player home is an example of a special tree that has been developed and magically cultivated to provide a different and luxurious shelter for your character.

• More than one living space for your character, supporting your own taste for how you use the mod.
• The massive enchanted tree in this mod features an interior living space (the Inner Sanctuary).
• An upper living space including an exterior home crafted from actual building blocks in game (wood beams, panels, etc.)
• A small, yet cozy stable for your horse.
• An enchanting and alchemy study in the upper house.
• An exterior crafting workshop, training area, and archery range.
• An armory featuring custom (craftable) enchanted bows (the Lunari are deft archers) and matching arrows.
• Both living spaces feature luxurious, enchanted bath pools, full kitchen areas and cooking fires.
• Your choice of Autumn or Summer leaf textures (chosen via the installer).

Real Shelter - to keep the rain off your head in the exterior house, crafting area, and stable.
• Vurt's Skyrim Overhaul - for a consistent feel and look in game with regard to the trees and foliage, depending of course on your choice of Autumn or Summer colors when installing Dragon Tree Temple. There is a Summer version of Vurt's Flora Overhaul that matches perfectly with the Summer version of this mod.
• Detailed Rugs - for much improved rug textures in Dragon Tree Temple (and all of Skyrim).

Using the Nexus Mod Manager, download the mod from the Nexus using the green button 'DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER' in the download section of the Dragon Tree Temple mod page. Once downloaded, activate the mod in NMM and follow the installer's directions, choosing your options as you go.

Dragon Tree Temple can be found up on a hill, East of and roughly midway between the Throat Of the World (the huge mountain in the middle of the map) and Riften. You can fast travel there without having visited it first (for now, anyway).

The easiest way to uninstall is to use NMM.

If you want to remove the Dragon Tree Temple mod manually, just remove the following folders/files:
• The 'DragonTreeTemple.esp' from your Skyrim data folder.
• The 'bhakti' folders from both your meshes and textures folders within the data folder.

[PLEASE NOTE]: If you are using the Lunari race, make sure you leave the lunari folders intact (within the meshes/bhakti and textures/bhakti folders).

• Some of the leaf branches of the main tree don't line up with, or float slightly away from (or extend through) the main branches. I have not yet found a fix for this, as the tree model is blown up to 9X standard size and it messes with the alignment.
• Skyrim has a bug that causes flickering of interior and exterior lights (they turn on and off depending on your in-game point of view). I have tweaked the placement of lights for countless hours to minimize this, but you may still see some flickering in some places (see below for an INI tweak that can help).
• DTT can hit your frame rate at time, depending on your system, resolution, graphics card/s, etc. See below for suggestions if you are seeing a significant FPS drop.

Dragon Tree Temple can hit your graphics system hard at times, depending on where your character is facing (especially outside and facing the main exterior house). Depending on your system's capabilities, you may need to try a few things to get your desired FPS when running this mod.

Because of the way the house is made, using various individual building blocks (wood beams, panels, glass, etc), most of which are casting shadows and receiving full rendering in-game, it can challenge Skyrim's engine, especially when running ENB. You can try the suggestions outlined below to improve performance:

1) Try decreasing your fShadowDistance in your SkyrimPrefs.INI file. (recommended @2,500-3000) OR
2) Use the Skyrim launcher and decrease your shadow quality from Ultra to High, especially if you are using ENB.
3) If you are using ENB, and you get a CTD, make sure you are running the specified binaries with your preset. Running a newer binary on an older preset can crash your game.
4) Using SKSE? Set memory allocation in the SKSE.ini file. Go here.
5) Using ENB? Set a proper VideoMemorySizeMb value in enblocal. Read this.
6) If you are seeing lights turning on and off (highly dependent on your camera's POV), add the following line in your Skyrim.INI file under:


Make sure you save your Skyrim.INI file!

Changes in V1.1:
• Master bedroom and bath moved downstairs, alchemy and enchanting move upstairs.
• Moved bath OUTSIDE the house, off the Southern end of the master bedroom.
• Lower deck wraps around the master bedroom, with access to the new bath location via the bedroom.
• Added a second bedroom upstairs off the study/living room.
• Added upstairs balcony, and access to it, from the second bedroom.
• Created dining room off of the kitchen with deck access.
• Dining and kitchen area has opened up significantly.

Fixes in V1.1:
• Fixed the bed ownership in the Sanctuary and the house.
• Replaced the Daedric dagger that was causing strange collision problems for some.
• Slightly adjusted light sources (candles/lanterns) for better lighting overall.
• Changed mist over bath pools to half visibility models.
• Removed many redundant or duplicate structural objects in the exterior house.
• Lowered volume of the water effects inside the Sanctuary.
• Fixed ownership/respawn for all containers. PLEASE NOTE: Dedicated arrow containers in the armory WILL respawn!

• Deepest gratitude to VRDaphni for her feedback, testing, and amazing screen shots!
Vurt for his permission to use some of his textures as a foundation for the leaves of the trees.
• To Hodi for his crafty shooting of videos of this mod!

And of course Bethesda for reminding me that, although this is just a game, there is magic in the real world if you know where to look.