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Werewolf Transformation Meter shows how long you have left before you change back.

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Playing as a Werewolf? Always wondered when that pesky timer would run out and you'd change back?

Well, wonder no more. The Magicka meter is used while as a Werewolf (Monitors Creature Type & Werewolf Quest's Stages).

When you feed, it maxes the bar out, and from that time until the timer runs out, is the duration of the Magicka bar, so the more you feed, the longer it'll take to go to nothing, but for the most part, you won't get caught with your pants down (okay, that was a transform back joke, and yes, intended).

And yes, the picture is a werewolf character, but... A lot better to look at right at that moment, than a werewolf swiping it down.