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Tools for the archer, including tracer shots, auto switch to FPV, and sights tuning.

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Tools for the Expert Archer
Adds handy capabilities every archer can use

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Tracer Shot

Now works with crossbows too!
  • Makes your projectiles glow when shot
  • Better aiming for long shots
  • Easier to find your arrows
  • Optional bright light in flight
  • Optionally make shots hum like nirnroot

Archery Focus

Now works with crossbows too!
  • Automatically switch to first person view whenever you pull a bowstring.
  • Optionally return to third person view on sheath and/or when hit in melee

Zero In

  • Interactively adjust your sights for super accurate shots.
  • Separate sighting for bows and crossbows in both first and third person perspective.
  • Settings stay with your game. No need to fuss with INI files ever again.
  • Tune your sights for any range.



  • Works with all bows. Tracer works also with crossbows.
  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • Works with 3rd party weapons.
  • No known conflicts with any other mod. Any load order works.
  • Works with Requiem and PerMa.

Special Notes

  • This mod consolidates functionality from Jaxonz Archery Focus and Jaxonz Archery Perks and depricates those mods. If upgrading, it is recommended that you clean your save game with with Save game script cleaner by Hadoram to purge any orphaned scripts/objects.
  • Archery Util is also part of Jaxonz Utilities. You don't need both.

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