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Assigns names to anonymous NPCs

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Everyone Has A Name
Automatically assigns a lore-friendly name to anonymous NPCs

Improve immersion by giving everyone a name.


  • Automatically gives names to generic characters.
  • Names are lore-friendly, and appropriate for race and gender.
  • Preserves original name as title in brackets (example: "Whiterun Guard" becomes "Menrig [Whiterun Guard]").
  • Even names dragons.
  • Don't like someone's name? Just walk up to them and tap the JRN Assign Name hotkey.



  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • No known conflicts with any other mod. Any load order works.
  • Adds no scripts to objects and uninstalls cleanly.

Installation Details

  • JRN should install autommatically with NMM or MO using defaults, but here are a few tips...
  • This mod includes an SKSE plug in, necessary for operation. It should correctly deploy to the Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins directory.
  • Replacement names and search data are stored within the Skyrim\Data\JaxonzNameGen.TXT and JaxonzNameGenerator.TXT file as CSV strings. Use NotePad to easily modify these file if you have other names you prefer, or find a generic name that isn't being replaced.


  • Please use the Posts tab for all support/comments/suggestions/complaints. Private messages will just be redirected here.
  • By posting publicly, everyone can help you and it helps help build information for others to use.
  • Please read the first page or so of comments before posting your question. Chances are it has been asked and answered already.

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