Bullseye Perk Paralyze Bug Fix by ChessPirate
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Added: 04/01/2015 - 11:59PM
Updated: 26/05/2017 - 03:01AM

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Last updated at 3:01, 26 May 2017 Uploaded at 23:59, 4 Jan 2015

Bullseye Perk Paralyze Bug Fix

This Mod fixes the game bug that, if the player has the Bullseye Perk, on a
bow shot that will paralyze the target for a few seconds, the Paralyze Effect
and the "falling over" animation starts the instant the arrow leaves the bow,
rather than when the arrow actually hits the target.

The Mod creates a replacement Magic Effect Shader similar to the "HitEffectArt"
Object used by the game to show the target being paralyzed and "delays" its
start and the start of the "falling over" animation until the health of the
target actually decreases, indicating they've just been hit, plus 0.25 seconds
more just to make sure the effect and animation start after the hit.

The game entries changed by this Mod are "ParalysisFFContact", under
"Magic-Magic Effect", and "PerkBullseyeParalyze", under "Magic-Spell"
so if any other Mod also changes these entries, one or both Mods may not work.


Extract BullseyePerkParalyzeBugFix1_1.7z to your Skyrim install directory.

The BullseyePerkParalyzeBugFix.txt file will go to the Skyrim install directory.
The BullseyePerkParalyzeBugFix.esp file will go to the <installdir>/Data directory.
The magicCastDelayedSpellAndShaderScript.pex file will extract to the
<installdir>/Data/Scripts directory.

Upon starting Skyrim, ensure that the BullseyePerkParalyzeBugFix.esp is active.
It shouldn't matter where it loads unless there is another active Mod that alters
the Bullseye Perk.


Version 1.1

- Changed "PerkBullseyeParalyze", under "Magic-Spell" to insure that  the visual effect
  duration lasts 8 seconds, rather than 2.

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