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The Volgon Isles is a work in progress mod that adds new lands to explore.This is a massive mod that contains huge cities, beautiful landscapes and amazing dungeons.

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What is The Volgon Isles?

The Volgon Isles is a WIP mod, that includes new lands to explore, Dungeons and caves to discovery and new people to meet. The islands include many cities, towns, settlements, forts, camps, caves, and shipwrecks. Pretty much everything Skyrim had, but with more!
How do i get there!
There are Two ways to get to Volgon.
The first way is to travel to the solitude docks, go on the new boat and click the ship Wheel

The Second way of getting there in case the first way crashes is this:
To Travel to volgon type in the console     cow volgon 0 0    To travel back to skyrim either hit the fast travel marker, which is located on the east side of the map or go to the console and type in   cow tamriel 0 0

Update Alpha 1.5! 
Large updates to the world. Added more land to explore in the Nalogna Kingdom. Made world feel more alive and a real place. Map is 95% Navemeshed so followers and NPCs should mostly work. added more detail to exteriors of dungeons and added some more to the Astrag City.
 Work on 1.6 has started on December 26 
One year anniversary!!!

What the heck! how long did this take!!
Mods that include new lands, cities, NPCs and Quests take FOREVER to do, i have spent over a year so far on this, and i am not giving up anytime soon.
Updates will be a couple of weeks to a month apart. Each update will be sizable updates that will make it even better!  

What is currently in the mod and what is on the "To Do List"?
as of alpha 1.4 it includes
The story line is coming along nicely and it will be awesome!!.
3 islands fully landscaped ( people say it looks even better than vanilla skyrim)
3 cities 80% - 90% finished.
Towns Have NPCs and Interiors, ( interiors are not fully cluttered)
100% of LOD is working!!!!
outsides of dungeons are mainly done.
Vol Dale is 90% finished with NPC, and interiors
Nalogna is 90% finished
The to do list
Add more npcs to the world.
internals of pretty much all buildings and dungeons.
 More Navmesh
and other 'under the hood' stuff.
connecting the world together.

Where the heck are these isles located? IS it even Lore friendly!!!!!Whats the story!

The Volgon Isles lay far to west of Hammer fell and Sumerset Isles, and to the south of Yokuda, the home of the Redguards which was destoryed many years ago.
This is set in Current day, so Boat travel between the isles and Skyrim is possible.

Many different races have come to call these majestic islands their home. The ancient Nords were the first to settle this land after traveling from northern Tamriel  in the first era. Many of the nords now found on the islands to day can traced their family line to the first settlers.
Redguards also migrated to the southern island after their home "Yokuda" was destroyed. Due to its close proximity to High Rock Orcs also made one of the smaller islands there home to mine Minerals and raid near by settlements. During the Great War between the  Aldemeri dominion and the Mede Empire, many Elves arrived at The Volgon Isles to escape the deadly war between the two factions. The main export of the isles is precious metals and minerals hidden deep in the jagged terrain. The Climate changes dramatically and many have compared it to a mix between High Rock and Skyrim. 
The is much turmoil in the islands causing food shortages and has greatly reduced exports. Many different factions have been fighting for control since before the 4th era.

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How many people are working on this project?
Just me and my cat! i swear i'm not crazy!

Does this require any other downloads?
No DLC, SKSE, or other files required for download.

Can i make a video review about this?
YES! please do! just make sure to link it to this mod!

Are you a guy?
the last time i checked, yes.

Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?
is that even a Question!!!

Feel free to ask any more questions!!!

Update Alpha 1.2
This update adds a NPC to Vol Dale with working Jail system, Merchants, and interios. Still more clutter is needed
Adds a new town call Vakiir.
Adds new and Update LOD
adds a open dungeon at Klink's tower, needs cluttering
Updated to Alpha 1.3
The "Town update"
added 2 towns and many farms to the map.
 Update 1.4 has been a long time coming.
This update includes large updates to navemshing around the map so NPCs and followers should work better.
The city of Nalogna has been updated with a player house and the town has full interiors and NPCs. This city is in the north central part of the map.
Contains 1 Blacksmith, 2 Street vendors, 1 inn keeper, and a General store. 
Small updates of bandit camps.
The city of Astarg has changed alot,still far from finish.

Special Thanks to
Tlaffoon for his Trade Cranes -
 marksuliberty for his Cyrodiil ship -
lati100 for lava textures -
TheMalfazar for the shields.
sheson for extra LOD textures
Thanks for Looking!!!