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More realistic NPC behavior depending on day and night

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- Immersive detection of NPC -

English is not my native language, so I hope you can understand what I said. Please forgive me for my poor English. You are welcome to ask questions if there is anything you don't understand.

I love the dark nights in things such as ENB's, RLO, but I hate the fact that NPCs have super night vision! It is ridiculous that I get shot by an NPC archer hundreds of meters away, while I'm sneaking in the shadows. So this is what the mod is for.

This mod contains two script files
This mod aims to improve NPC behaviour depending on day an night.
This mod doesn't change anything about NPC spells, perks. It only changes the detection value, which will return to vanilla settings if you uninstall this mod. It should theoretically be compatible with everything.
This mod requires SKSE.

Thank Brodual for the youtube video

Let's see what exactly this mod does

NPC's eyes and ears behave differently depending on time
Dawn (5 am ~ 6 am)
Day (6 am ~ 6 pm)
Dusk (6 am ~ 8 pm)
Night (8 pm ~ 5 am)

- NPC's eyes
During the day, an NPC will see you far away in the Vanilla game. This mod changed that and made it more realistic. During the dark, their field of vision is reduced. Everything related to vision is worse than during the day. They are not sensitive to you being idle, which means you can just stand in the shadow in front of them, and they won't know you're even there, but they will find you if you move no matter if its day or night.During dusk, NPC's sight will decrease a lot than day. During dawn, it is the weakest time period of NPC, even their sight are slightly greater than night, but their search range and hearing will reduce due to the whole night watching, so it is a perfect time to kill during dawn.

- NPC's ears
Because of the noise of day time, your footsteps will not alert NPCs during the day (they will certainly be alerted if your right behind them) they will not be alerted if you just pass through behind or under them (only if they didn't see you... with their eyes). That means it is easier for you to attack them from behind than during the night. The silence of the night makes everything sound loud. NPCs are easier to notice your existence by their ear, especially if you run. Running will almost alert all NPCs in the night, so you'd better be sneaking or wear some light armour (you will not be heard if you are naked in the day, but you will be heard if you get too close to an NPC from behind in the night, so if you want to test this mod you can start by being naked)

- Light source
This mod also modifies the factors related to lighting that may affect you. You are easier to be detected near light sources than in the Vanilla game, so just stick to the shadows no matter if it's night or day!

- interior area
All NPCs in the interior area  are more rely to their ear than eyes, so you are easier to hide in the dungeon,  however, if you near a light source, they will found you instantly because their eyes are sensitive to light

- Weather system
Rain and snow will cause NPC's to have greater difficulty to hear and see you., especially in the night, they are almost blind if there is a rain or snow, but rain and snow won't help much in the day time, just a slightly effect. You footstep will dispear in the rain or snow, so it is a perfect time to slaughter NPCs in a rainging night or snowing night. Snow cause more effect to NPC than rain

- Challenge
NPCs range of sight is longer than vanilla game both during the day and the night. During the day, an NPC archer will shoot you immediately if they see you and sneak will no longer work if you are in front of them. (Tip: use the obstacle avoid being seen while approaching NPCs. Obstacles make a difference if you use this mod) During night time, if you stand in the range of their eye sight, NPCs will notice something is there and then they will come and check. You can just sneak away while they are approaching the area. They can see a light source from even further than during the day, so if you activate magelight or any other light emitting spell, you will be shot immediately like during the day.

- Falmer ability
The only thing I have changed in NPC's ability is falmer, make it 80% blind to 100% blind, but they can still detect you by their ear or you are too close to them (smell ?)

- Special detector
There are three type of NPC's detection, dectect by smell, dectect by heat, dectect by skill.
You are impossible to attact the following NPCs from behind in the particular situation.

NPC dectect by smell: falmer, wolf, polar bear, werewolf.
NPC dectect by heat: vampire, ghost, dwarven, undead.
NPC dectect by skill: Khajiit, Skeever, member of DarkBrotherhood.

At the same time, these NPC will affected by day and night,interior and exterior
During the day, only the NPC dectect by smell will found you without seeing or
hearing. NPC dectect by heat won't detect you because it is hot during
the day after all, and they are almost all lifeless.
During the night, all the NPCs memtioned above will dectect you without seeing or hearing, so just remember it is probably something is watching you from behind while you killing some one.
Somebody may worry about if I modified any perk, spell, ability about these NPC, how about compatibility.

This mod do nothing related to spell, perk, ability, only not compatible to the mod which changed the value of detection.

- Optional files
Be careful, you can choose only one optional file to use from below

IDNPC (Dark night only) - only sneak will make you undetectable during the night
IDNPC (Very dark night only) - All your movement are much harder to be detected during the night
IDNPC (Vanilla interior only) - Interior area use vanilla setting, not including dark night or very dark night

IDNPC (Dark night plus vanilla interior) - Combination of IDNPC (Dark night only) and IDNPC (Vanilla interior only)
IDNPC (Very Dark night plus vanilla interior) - Combination of IDNPC (Very Dark night only) and IDNPC (Vanilla interior only)

So, your mod structure should be (Main file) + (Immersive lighting of NPCs) + (IDNPC (xxxx))
or (Main file)
or (Main file) + (Immersive lighting of NPCs)
or (Main file) + (IDNPC (xxxx))
or (Immersive lighting of NPCs)

Optional file: Immersive lighting of NPCs

If you like Immerive NPC in the dark, then this update is for you
This update is a optional file, just use one script to fullfill 90% content in Immerive NPC in the dark. The most important thing is this amazing script file doesn't add any invisible cloak spell or update event to your game, pretty clean. All the behaviour of NPC are purely controled by code. You are welcome to try this update

When the night comes, all the NPCs in the wild will use light source, only those has Alteration greater than 20 and wearing mage armour can use candle light in the dark, others will use torch.
If someone is using light source nearby, then this NPC will not use light source.
NPC in the town or city or any house won't use light source, only the NPC(human) in the wild or dungeon will use light source.
Khajiit, member of darkbrotherhood, Prisoner, vampire won't use light source.
NPC has Conjuration greater than 20 and wearing Necromancer armour won't use light source.
NPC who is sneaking, battling, alerted by player won't use light source.
If a NPC is fighting with you with a torch, after few second he will drop it to the groud and fight you again.

New features in v1.5
Wearable lantern added. (Thank Chesko for the wearable lantern)
NPC with two hand weapon (including bow) will use wearable lantern instead of torch.

For v1.5a, mod do nothing to archers.
For v1.5b, humanoid archer will not shot you during the night, but they will certainly shot you during the day.

↑↑↑Vanilla: You can move under the sun without being noticed even the NPC already saw you

↑↑↑MOD: NPC archer will shoot you immediately if they saw you

↑↑↑Vanilla: Is that you call INVISIBILITY?! It seems they can still see me, I just try to get closer


To sum up, NPCs rely more on their eyes during the day and more on their ears during the night. You should be careful of their vision and mostly forget about where you step (Of course it will be impossible to pass through undetected if you are wearing heavy armour) Watch your step during the night and forget the NPC's eyes (you will of course still be noticed if you stand right in front of them in a light source) You will notice some interesting things after using this mod even if it doesn't
modify it directly.

IF an NPC hears you in the night, he will go to a certain area that drew his attention, and then widen the search area,
while in the Vanilla game all bandits in the fort just charge directly at you with their weapons drawn.

IF you make a racket in a fort in the day time, it will only affect the enemies nearby. Enemies far away will not notice, since it is noisy during the day.

IF you activate invisibility, NPCs in the vanilla game will still find you and shoot you because of their ultra sonic ears. After using this mod, enemy NPCs will approximate where you are for about 3 seconds, but after that they will lose the their target and try to find you. You can just run around them and you won't be found, but if you get too close to them,
they will notice where you are and attack you.

Future update & Plans
Add some compatible patch

Known issue
NONE so far

You can test and report.

Manually place the files in your data folder or use NMM, MO

Manually delete the mod files or use NMM, MO

Load order
Use LOOT, or, if you like this mod, place it in the bottom.
If you are using Duel - Combat Realism, place Immersive detection of NPC below it

Compatible with Skyre.
Compatible with Perkus Maximus.
Compatible with Realistic Night.
Compatible with all spell mods. Examples: Immersive Spell
Compatible with all battle mods.
Compatible with all perk mods.
Compatible with all NPC AI related mods.
Compatible with all Follower mods.
Compatible with all light source mods. Examples: RLO, ELFX, COT, Pure Weather

Not Compatible with Requiem? (some one says compatible with, you can try, this mod won't ruin your save)
Not Compatible with Immersive NPC in the dark
Not Compatible with Improved sneak detection

Change log
NPC will use light source (Optional file)

Fix the blue swirls issue

Racial supported

New NPC eyes and hearing during dawn and dusk
Corner notification added
Slightly decrease sneak effect of optional file IDNPC (Dark night)

Optional files added

Increased eye sight of NPC both during the day and the night
Interiors are now supported
Added weather system
Falmers are 100% blind

configured some night data

Thank Chesko for the wearable lantern
Thank pumadace2000
for helping me correct the grammar error in the discription
Thank DaVincix for testing and suggestion

- Enjoy the game and don't forget to endorse XD -