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TL;DR: It's a ring. if you wear it, it creates a ward when you block with anything. It only works after completing the 
Spellbreaker quest. It's on the alchemy workbench at Peryite's shrine.

Fancy lore for you (fancy enough I hope)
In Norse mythology, Svalinn is a legendary shield which stands before the sun to protect the Earth from getting burned. 
When Peryite tried to forge and enchant a ring of equal power, all he ended up wtih was the ring you see here, a much less powerful artifact. But although being less powerful than what Peryite tried to achieve, to a lot of the mortal inhabitants of a plane that we call "Mundus", specifically of the planet Nirn, its power is beyond their imagination. Not being satisfied with the ring he created, but curious about its enchantment, he threw away the ring and started creating a shield which would later be known as "Spellbreaker". The ring, however, found its way to Tamriel, like the plagues its creator sent there countless times. 

-It's on the Alchemy workbench at Peryite's shrine
-If you don't know where that is, here are some maps
-Don't ask where it is, it's the bane of modders 

- Like the Spellbreaker, it absorbs 50 points of spell damage before breaking the ward
- You can disenchant the ring and put the enchantment on multiple items, the effect stacks to increase damage absorption treshold (whatever can have
  "Fortify Block" goes)

~~~~~~~Update 1.1~~~~~~~
-Fixed and issue where the ward would be active without blocking if you put the enchantment on something else

~~~~~~~Update 1.2~~~~~~~
-Enchantment now scales to Enchanting skill and what soul gem you used

Fun Facts~~~~~~

-It's disenchantable, but it's unique, so it'll be gone forever (Unless the cell of the shrine respawns, which I don't know) 
-The "gem" that's on the ring is that round centerpiece of the Spellbreaker 
-There was a man who used to be a banker, but he lost interest 
-I actually had this lying around and in personal use for a while, I just was too lazy to write a description