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A mod that give most of the potions in Skyrim a unique look.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE (December 2022)
After a few years of retrospection and increased experience surrounding game modding in general, I have to say: use this mod at your own risk. It has become somewhat bloated and its scope is just a bit beyond what I am comfortable with. Additionally, many artistic choices I made when making this mod originally are simply no longer satisfactory to me. With that being said, sometime in the future I hope to once again begin reworking this mod from the ground up, with aims to make it more modular, compatible with other mods, and just cleaner in general. This will likely involve breaking it up into smaller, more focused mods independent of one another. It will likely be released for SSE, though backwards compatibility for the old version might be possible. I might include a few other unreleased tweaks as well.

This mod is compatible with all of the unofficial patches and should work with any mods that don't modify potions and poisons. Please let me know if you find any bugs or blatant mod incompatibilities.

Tired of seeing different potions and poisons using the same bottle? Fear not! This mod changes most of the potion and poison bottles so that each one has its own unique look. It also adds some quality of life features such as ovens and churns in taverns, more variety in apothecary vendors, and a some other minor improvements.

Here is a complete list of improvements: 
  • Added ovens and churns in main city taverns (Bannered Mare, Candlehearth Hall, Silver-Blood Inn, The Bee and Barb)
  • Salmon steak uses the new hearthfire model
  • Vendors now sell hearthfire food and ingredients
  • Elixer of resist magic is now properly sold by merchants and appears in loot containers
  • Poisons such as lingering poisons, vigor poisons, recovery poisons, etc. are now sold by merchants and appear in loot containers
  • Butter now has a chance to spawn in barrels and sacks
  • Mead with juniper berry is now rarely sold by food vendors
  • Dawnguard ingredients are now rarely sold by alchemists and found as loot
  • Fixed lighting issues with some potions and poisons
  • Added missing stamina regen poison
  • Added dog meat stew (because who wants to eat raw dog meat)
  • The skull and skeleton at Wayward Pass have a new unique look
  • Added a half slice variant for potato bread
  • Moved some potions into the food category that were previously in the potions category
  • Potions and poisons now have more sensible weights
  • Added white stag hide (dropped by the white stag, can be sold for a good sum of septims or kept if you like collecting things)
  • Placed some more bottles of Colovian Brandy in the Thalmor Embassy
  • Ash creep cluster now uses its proper texture
  • Potions and poisons made through alchemy have a unique look
  • Ice wraith bane now actually has an effect on ice wraiths
  • Potion of ultimate stamina now uses the correct model
  • Baked potatoes are now craftable at any cooking spit
New models and/or textures for the following items:
  • Ale
  • All Potions of Waterbreathing
  • All Potions of Well-Being
  • Argonian Ale
  • Ashfire Mead
  • Balmora Blue
  • Colovian Brandy
  • Cure Disease
  • Cure Poison
  • Cyrodilic Brandy
  • Double-Distilled Skooma
  • Dragon's Breath Mead
  • Emberbrand Wine
  • Empty Skooma Bottle
  • Esbern's Potion
  • Falmer Blood Elixir
  • Ice Wraith Bane
  • Ice Wraith Extract
  • Jessica's Wine
  • Mead with Juniper Berry
  • Nightshade Extract
  • Nurelion's Mixture
  • Philter of the Phantom
  • Potion of Waterwalking
  • Soul Husk Extract
  • Stallion's Potion
  • Stros M'Kai Rum
  • Vaermina's Torpor