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This Mod stops any new Skyrim Dragon spawns, including random spawns that occur on Fast Travel and spawns at fixed locations, like certain Dragon Mounds, Word Walls, etc.

Permissions and credits
No Skyrim Dragons Mod

No DLCs are required.

"No Skyrim Dragons" attempts to stop any non-quest/unamed
dragon spawns after being activated. This includes random
spawns that occur on fast-travel and spawns at fixed
locations, like certain Dragon Mounds, Word Walls, etc.
It is intended to be used after all quests which involve dragons
have been completed as it is unknown what effect it might have
on those dragons or quests.

This Mod is designed for those who have finished the main
Skyrim quest and are being annoyed with too many dragons
when they are fast-traveling and exploring. In fact, if
the main quest has not even been started, it is very
doubtful that there will even be any dragons flying
around, so this Mod is not needed and will likely crash
the game.

Other "No Dragon" Mods I have tried only get rid of the
random dragons. The specific location dragons, like the one
at "Bonestrewn Crest" still spawn.

It does this by setting global "MQ106TurnOffRandomDragons"
to 1 and "WINextDragon" to 1000.0, changing all "encDragon0*"
entries to Level 1 with -1 Health, changes "Paarthurnax",
"BlackreachDragon", "MQResurrectDragon1", "MQResurrectDragon2",
"MQResurrectDragon3", "MQ106Dragon", and quests "WE03", "WE04",
"WE08", "WEJS18", and "WIChangeLocation09" to not block quest
and named dragons(but it is not guaranteed that all have been

It does not, however, get rid of dragons that had spawned
before the Mod was activated and were written into the saved
game. After all these dragons are eliminated, even advancing
the game time by 30 days will not bring them back. Disabling
the Mod and loading a saved game with the dragons cleared out
will immediately start spawning them again.


Extract "No Skyrim Dragons 1_1.7z" to your Skyrim install directory.
The "No Skyrim Dragons.txt" file will extract to the install directory.
The "No Skyrim Dragons.esp" file will extract to the <installdir>/Data

Upon starting Skyrim, ensure that the "No Skyrim Dragons.esp" is active.
It shouldn't matter where it loads unless there is another active mod
that alters any of those references listed above.


Version 1.1

- Made many changes to try and keep from blocking quest and named dragons.

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