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With this mod you can REALLY fly in the sky of Skyrim with some Dragons: 62 in the version 6.2 ( DLCs Dawnguard and Dragonborn required), 43 in the version 4.3 (NO DLC needed). SKSE is not required.

Permissions and credits
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Fully Flying Dragons Version 6.2 (DLCs Dawnguard/Dragonborn) and Version 4.3 (NO DLC) (You could fight from the Dragons with the version 4.3, if and only if you have not the DLC Dragonborn). SKSE IS NOT REQUIRED.

If you have not the DLCs, you can also download the original mod from J3X Flyable Dragons with 2 Dragons

With this mod...

You can bring up the Dragon* of your choice amongst 62 Dragons (Version 6.2): Behemoth, Thanatos, Nithhog (2), Black (DLC2), Purple (DLC1), Snow, Tyrant (Vicn), Skeletal*, Paarthurnax, Wingless* (DLC2), Boss, Defective Lich (Vicn), Ice Lake (DLC1), Durnehviir (DLC1), Flying Chaurus (Vicn), Alduin, Odahviing, Forest, Tundra, Flesh (Vicn), Fat (Vicn, DLC2), Great Wispmother (Vicn), Evil, Crystal (3), Red, Poison, Storm, Cyclops (DLC2), Ocean (DLC2), Masked (DLC2),Young, Bull, Xeno (DLC2), Lava, Berserk, Brute, Shark (DLC2), Venom, Queen Xeno (2) (DLC2), Dark, Curse, Meteor, Lightning, Ice, Chaos, Summoner, Wind, Aetherial(DLC2), Benthic(DLC2), Ghost, Zombie, Whitehorn, Crimson, Armored Glass or Ebony (Yousukeve), Molag Bal (Vicn), a Macho Dragon (FancyPantz), and a “basic” Dragon


You can bring up the Dragon* of your choice amongst 43 Dragons (Version 4.3): Snow, Tyrant (Vicn), Skeletal*, Paarthurnax, Boss, Defective Lich (Vicn), Flying Chaurus (Vicn), Molag Bal (Vicn), Alduin, Odahviing, Forest, Tundra, Flesh (Vicn), Great Wispmother (Vicn), Evil, Crystal (3), Red, Poison, Storm, Young, Bull, Lava, Berserk, Brute, Venom, Dark, Curse, Meteor, Lightning, Ice, Chaos, Summoner, Wind, Ghost, Zombie, Whitehorn, Crimson, Armored Glass or Ebony(Yousukeve), a “basic” Dragon + a Macho Dragon (FancyPantz)

Optional Files: Esp Version Française (les rares notifications contenues dans les scripts et qui apparaissent à l’écran, en haut à gauche, n’ont pas été traduites)

To have the SUMMONABLE Mounts, you must buy the “Spell tome: Summon XXXX”, at Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach/Fort Dragon (Whiterun) or with an other "Spell Vendor" (ex: Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace/Palais bleu in Solitude).

With the books, you have the spells....Then summon a dragon with the spell of your choice...

A dragon will appear above you (The script will try to auto mount you, it might work or it might fail. If that is the case, mount manually)

To dismount, you must land, and you have to wait to be well “IN” the ground, then "E"...

You can summon your dragon again when you have received the message "Dragon has returned".
(The dragon will not disappear unless you mount it, ride it and dismount it)

The dragons do not help the player in combat and are supposed to be used as transport only (If you want the same dragons who fighting with you, you have my mod Incubated Eggs )

* Some of the Dragons names (Forest, Tundra, Ice Lake, Boss, Purple, Black, Snow...) are the original (real) names of the Dragons IN the Creation Kit (with the "skins") of Bethesda (it's also the name of the .nif !)

* Wingless Dragon

* Skeletal Dragon


You can head in any direction (turn left or right, up and down) with the Mouse (Look up and look down to steer up and down)


W (or Z): forward

A (or Q): turn left

D: turn right

Video by KenaiGamesGallantly


INSTALLATION (very important)

Only for the manual installation:

1) You have to put the folder « Data » in "...Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim "

For the manual and the NMM installations:

2) You must place this .esp at the bottom of the list in the Data Files when you launch the game to obtain the 62 (or 43) books...(Normally, this is done automatically)

3) (Only if you have download other mods "Summon...") You must INSTALL the summons (my other mods "summon") ONE BY ONE ! to obtain the books (ALL my mods are STANDALONE !)

You can find the “Spell tome: Summon XXXX”,at Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach/Fort Dragon (Whitherun/Blancherive) or with an other Spell Vendor (ex: Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace/Palais Bleu in Solitude).

4) You can put in your Skyrim.ini ( user / my documents / my games / Skyrim ) the following settings (you can copy / paste the following):



These settings allow you to see all mounts (of my mods) correctly, whether your character takes his weapon out or not


1) For the meshes of the Defective Lich, the Flesh, the Fat, the Great Wispmother, the Molag Bal, the Tyrant and the Flying Chaurus, thanks to Vicn in his mod Vicn Creature Resource (”You can use any parts of this mod without my permission.”)

2) For the Macho Dragon :thanks to FancyPantz with the mesh and textures of Macho Dragons ("You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission")

3) For the meshes/textures of the Evil/Crystal (3)/ Red/ Poison/ Storm/ Cyclops/ Ocean/ Masked/ Young/ Bull/ Xeno/ Lava/ Berserk/ Brute/ Shark/ Venom/ Queen Xeno (2)/ Dark/ Curse/ Meteor/ Lightning/ Ice/ Chaos/ Summoner/ Wind/ Aetherial/ Benthic/ Ghost/ Zombie/ Whitehorn/ Crimson/ Armored Glass or Ebony...Dragons, thanks to yousukeve, in his mod Chaos Dragons (“Please use these models”)

4) Zerofrost for the dragons in Medusa Drakul armors and Thanatos dragon ; Nithhogg Dragon ; Behemoth The Feathered Dragon (« You can use my mods in others mods as long as i'm credited and they are not being sold »)

5) For the structure of all the mod (particularly for the scripts and animations), a BIG THANK to J3X in his mod Flyable Dragons (”Clone, copy, spread, mutate, merge, and do whatever you want just as long you give me credit for my work”;”If you create a modification to this mod please release it”)

Bugs or Problems

This mod contains a lot of bugs or problems (The legs tremble when you go up in altitude; The dragon's tail is frequently too high; You can be stuck on a tree ...). Save before taking a ride.

“Whenever I fly, the camera constantly clips in and out of the dragon model”

Only to go up in altitude

You can also try the mouse scroll wheel, to zoom back

Sometimes you have to be patient to mount on the dragon (If you are unable to ride the dragon, you must go away from him, and then return to him)

If your dragon refuses to fly again (to return at "home" !) when landing, you can try a FAST TRAVEL...

In the version 6.2 your character cannot takes his weapon out ! -bad interaction with the DLC Dragonborn ?- (You could fight from the Dragons with the version 4.3)

The speed is at the maximum of the possibilities on my computer ... or when you change of cell... CTD ....(you have a screen who explain how to change the speed of the dragons)

With my mods, you have other Fully Flyable Mounts:

11 Fully Flyable Mounts with the version 2.7 of Monster Mounts :
Green Atronach, Magic Anomaly, Flame, Stormy, Paalaz, Pazuzu, Spectrum, Fire, Mjöllnir, Azraël, Nerthus

7 Fully Flyable Mounts with the version 1.5.1 of Monster Mounts Dawnguard :
Chaurus Hunter, Chaurus Hunter Fledgling, Soul Wisp, Death Wing, Red Naga, Swamp Naga, Skeleton Mistman

9 Fully Flyable Mounts with the version 2.6 of Monster Mounts Dragonborn :
Bone Storm, Ash Guardian, Aazidal, Dukaan, Seeker, Netch, Flying Shoggoth, Spectral Dragon, Flying Scrib

6 Fully Flyable Mounts in the version 1.3.1 of Fully Flying Chaurus Hunters :
Blood, Reptilian, Pebbled, Swamp, Peat Bog, Chaurus Hunters + Flying Scrib