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Several improvements to Destruction magic to make Destruction damage scale as well as other kinds of damage and to add some stronger specialization possibilities.

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Improved Destruction Magic

This mod includes several improvements to Destruction magic to make Destruction damage scale as well as other kinds of damage, and also adds some stronger specialization possibilities. It includes several ESPs, each modifying one particular aspect of magic. They are:

Improved Runes.esp:
  • Increased rune base damage to 75.
  • Increased maximum rune count to 3.

Improved Master Spells.esp:
  • Increased Lightning Storm's base damage per second to 135.
  • Increased Blizzard's base damage per second to 30.
  • Changed Fire Storm to be instant cast. Left its damage alone.

Improved Master Spells Except Fire Storm.esp:
  • By popular request, this contains all changes in Improved Master Spells.exp, except any changes to Fire Storm.

Improved Expert Spells.esp:
    Increases the base damage of the following expert spells so they scale nicer at mid-to-high tier compared to other damage builds.
  • Increased Incinerate's base damage to 70.
  • Increased Thunderbolt's base damage to 70.
  • Increased Icy Spear's base damage to 70.

Improved Cloaks.esp:
  • Increases the base damage of cloak spells so they're worth casting more often than not. In particular, increased base damage of all cloak spells from 8 to 12.

Improved Casting.esp:
    Small changes to dual casting to make it feel a bit more powerful than it does in vanilla Skyrim.
  • Increased dual casting effectiveness boost to 2.5 from 2.2.
  • Increased dual casting time multiplier to 1.25 from 1.

Improved Destruction Perks.esp:
  • Augmented Shock/Flame/Frost perks now have 3 ranks and increase damage by 20% each rank.
  • Expert Destruction now also increases Destruction spell damage by 10%.
  • Master Destruction now also increases Destruction spell damage by 15%.

Known Issues
  • The change I found to make Fire Storm instant cast also changes its mana cost to read "per second." This seems to only be a display issue, it consumes the proper amount of mana when you use it.

  • Fixed an issue with Expert Destruction perk not being selectable on level up for some people.
  • Added another .esp that edits Master spells without editing Fire Storm, for those who don't want an instant cast Fire Storm.
  • 1.2:
  • Fixed an issue with Improved Destruction Perks that could cause save files to not keep the third rank of the Augmented perks.
  • 1.1:
  • Changed Improved Destruction Perks. Augmented perks have 3 ranks instead of the 5 they had in 1.0, and added spell damage to Expert and Master Destruction perks (the end result is still the same, about 100% Destruction damage after all perks). This was after some concern on the Skyrim modding forums about the number of perks needed.
  • Fixed name corruption on Fire Storm.

To install and run, simply drop these .esp files into your Skyrim/Data folder. When you launch Skyrim, select "DATA FILES" before you select play, and check each of the .esp files you want to use.

I am still in the midst of playtesting these changes, so I'm not entirely sure I have the balance right on expert level spells. I'm still really limited in what I'm able to do until the Creation Kit comes out, so there are some changes I'd like to do that I'm unable to at the moment.

Feedback is appreciated!