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A set of weapons and shields used by the men of the Roman legions. The set currently includes: two shields, four weapons, and an armor piece.

Permissions and credits
Armory of the Legion
Important notes:
If you already have one of my other Roman mods installed, uninstall it, or you will have duplicates. However, if you are using a re-placer version it should be fine.

Many of the screenshots use the Scutum Shield Animations mod.

All meshes and textures are my own and have not been taken from any other mods even though they may look similar. If you have any concerns about this PM me.

This mod adds items based on the weapons and shields used by the men of the Roman legions. This mod is a compilation of my other Roman mods and will be updated with new content as I make it.

If you're looking for an immersive experience, I recommend downloading this mod here, and downloading the horizontal shield grip patch in the downloads section of this mod. If using NMM chose "yes to all" when asked to overwrite. If using MO, place it below the main file on the list.

Items are craft-able at a forge in the steel category.

Included in this mod:

  • Gladius - The standard sword the roman legionary was equipped with.
  • General's Gladius - A high level Gladius.
  • Pugio - The standard dagger the roman legionary was equipped with.
  • Scutum - A very heavy shield the typical roman legionary was equipped with.
  • Auxiliary Shield - A oval shaped shield that many auxiliaries and cavalry would carry. Auxiliaries were the troops recruited by provinces conquered by the Romans.
  • Dolabra - Roman Pickaxe, also makes a good weapon. Able to mine rock and chop wood.
  • Lorica Segmentata - Most badass roman armor. Equipped by the heavy infantry.

Tools Used:

  • 3ds Max 2014
  • 3ds Max nif importer/exporter 
  • Nifskope
  • Photoshop
  • Creation Kit

Future Content

  • None right now

Make a comment suggesting any relevant weapons/armor you would like to see next and I might work on it.

  • Added weight slider support
  • Added new female mesh for the Lorica Segmentata

  • Added armor: Lorica Segmentata
  • Added weapon: Dolabra
  • Added patch: Horizontal shield grips
  • Added resource to change shield designs easily.


  • Added weapon : General's Gladius
  • Made tweak: Reduced Gladius weapon reach


  • Added weapon : Gladius
  • Added weapon: Pugio
  • Added shield: Auxiliary Shield
  • Added shield: Scutum

I give permission for all modders to use content from this mod in their own. As long as they give credit.