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This is a mod that makes a common tree LOD atlas for several of the Tree resources for Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
The idea with this combined tree atlas is to make it easier to use different tree resources and still have tree LODs when making your own mod.
In version 2.0 3AM trees are included, this tree resource uses the common tree atlas is compatible as is with these LOD files. You can now also download compatible tree LODs for Dawnguard (dlc1) and Dragonborn (dlc2).

Background: Tree LOD atlas
In Skyrim all trees that have LOD have two files, the tree.nif that is the actual tree and a tree_lod_flat.nif LOD mesh file.
All tree_lod_flat.nif files use the same image texture (called a tree atlas), with each file using a different part of the texture. This
texture is named "worldspacetreelod.dds" and is always placed in Textures/Terrain/Worldspace/Trees.

One of the problems if you wish to use different tree resources like GKBs trees and Hoddminirs trees are that the LODs are conflicting with each
other and with other mods as the tree atlas textures have the same name.

What this mod is
I have combines tree atlases from Skyrim (vanilla), GKB Green TreesHoddminir Trees and Plants, Skyrim Flora Overhaul (SFO2.0 and Summer
edition) and Lush Trees and Grass in to one large atlas.

Included in the downloads are new_lod_flat.nif files for each tree that is correctly UV-maped to the new tree lod atlas.
If anyone else has made new or re-textures trees and would like to have these included in this common tree atlas just let me know. There is still
ample of room on the atlas for new trees.

* Tree LOD files (different combinations)
As SFO and Lush trees both replace the original trees, there are several different downloads depending on which mods you use.

* Tree LODAtlas of different resolution
The treelod atlas of 4k is included with the LOD file packages.
Optional files are Low resolution (2k) and Ligh resolution (8k).

* LOD treeAtlas PSD
Treeimages in a layered photoshop file

Install these updated lod files after you installed the other mod files, otherwise they will overwrite the new corrected lod files.

After you installed this patch you may see that Tree LODs are showing more than one tree. The issue is down to an old .lst file.
1. Open Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Terrain/Tamriel (Or other worldspace)/Tree
2. Make a backup of the .btt files, remove the .lst file (may not be any files in this folder)
3. Load your mods in the Creation kit
4. Open World/World LOD
5. Select Worldspace in list, check box Trees
6. Press Generate
7. If you had any old .btt files you can put them back, but make sure to keep the new .lst file

v1.0 26/12/2014 – Initial release
v2.0 30/01/2015 - Update including v2 Hoddminir trees, 3AM trees, Dawnguard and Dragonborn trees.

AlternativeTree LOD making by Zilav
Zilav has made an alternative way to make tree LODs so they are not dependent on a
common tree atlas. To find out more have a look here:
[WIPz]TES5LODGen for Trees LOD

Future update:
Single tree LOD images for the TES5Edit LOD generation.

Thanks to
Ga-Knomboe Boy