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Want to play the Tropical Skyrim overhaul mod but your PC can't handle it? This plugin removes over 15,000 trees and includes other performance boosters, but keeps the tropical island feel so that you won't even notice the difference! This will also remove trees in odd places such as sticking out of brick roads etc.

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What is TSOP?

Tropical Skyrim by Soolie is a pretty amazing mod that overhauls Skyrim's wintery climate to a jungle oasis. If you're reading this then you already knew that. The only problem with the mod is that it kills performance thanks to the sheer number of trees and other foliage it adds to the game. In some areas, foliage is so dense that paths are completely blocked or trees are growing in very unrealistic places. TSOP cleans up every single area of the game world to move or delete unwanted trees. It's that simple...but took a while to do by hand.

Ok, but why?

 Some people can't run Tropical Skyrim with playable fps or simply want to play with the mod on their lower-spec laptop for a change (like me), so I created this plugin as a quick personal solution. I have focused mainly on the dense jungle areas where performance suffered mostly from a large number of trees added but almost every cell in-game is improved for optimisation - over 15,000 trees removed in total! Since there was nothing similar to this on the nexus I've decided to share it so others may benefit.

Over 15,000 trees there's no trees left?

 Quite the opposite! Even though this plugin deletes an enormous number of objects to improve performance, the difference in-game is hardly noticeable. You will still feel as though you are travelling through a dense jungle and many areas such as desert plains will be practically unaffected. See the images tab for direct comparisons of some of the more noticeable changed regions. Here's an example of Falkreath:

How to install?

 Download the file and extract to a temporary location, then follow the INSTRUCTIONS README.txt for installation instructions and features. You NEED to have Tropical Skyrim already installed, and the TSOP .esp must be loaded after the Tropical Skyrim .esp in your mod load order.

What's the optional config file all about?

 In the download I've included my personal SkyrimPrefs.ini in a folder named 'Config'. It's a replacer for the file:
This file contains values read by the game engine that determines stuff like the maximum number of trees to load at one time and how shadows are rendered etc. These are my own settings which massively increases performance on my machine and I recommend you to overwrite your old file with mine, although YMMV. You can restore your old file by deleting it and loadng Skyrim; the game will create a new one.

Should I endorse this mod if I like it?

 Hell yeah.