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Last updated at 9:27, 2 Oct 2015 Uploaded at 23:53, 24 Dec 2014

This mod automatically makes screenshots when a killcam happens, so that you don't have to press any key, the mod does the work for you. It can make several screenshots per killcam, the interval between the screenshots can be configured on the MCM interface.The mod functionality can be stopped in the MCM interface, without the need of uninstalling it.

- SKSE (any version >= 1.6.7 should do it, I only tested with 1.7.1)
- SkyUI

The mod has currently three modes to make the screenshots. You can change it in MCM menu.

DirectX - Native
- It makes the screenshot using DirectX (already loaded by the game), in native code. It is the new default mode since version 0.3 (only on new installs, if you are updating from prior version, you'll have to set the mode in the MCM menu).
- It doesn't require the Steam overlay
- Format can be BMP, JPG, or PNG. BMP is the faster, followed by JPG (libjpeg-turbo).
- Screenshots will be stored in Data\Killcam folder, with a filename of "KillcamN.bmp, "KillcamN.jpg" or "KillcamN.png", where N is a number that starts at 1 and gets increased each time.
- It is faster than Bethesda - Papyrus. Its speed compared to Steam - native is currently unknown. It is very likely to be the fastest when used with BMP format.

Bethesda - Papyrus
It runs on papyrus, using a Debug function to take the screenshots (this function is the same one used internally by the game when you press Prnt Scr key). This mode was the only available in version 0.1.
- It doesn't require the Steam overlay
- Format is always BMP
- Screenshots will be stored in Data\Killcam folder, with a filename of "KillcamN.bmp", where N is a number that starts at 0 and gets increased each time.
- It is the slowest method. Use only if all other mode fail.

Steam Keyboard Event - Native
- It works on native code, by simulating F12 key presses, so that Steam takes care of the screenshots.
- It requires the Steam overlay, without it, this mode will just be sending F12 key presses to the void. It also requires that the key assigned to screenshots in Steam is F12 (default)
- Format can be JPG or PNG, depending of your Steam settings. If "Steam->Settings->InGame->Save an uncompressed copy" is NOT checked(default), format will be jpg; png otherwise.
- Screenshots are stored by Steam itself, and so it uses Steam folders. It seems that if format is jpeg, Steam will save to a weird folder somewhere inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\..." (use google for more info), but if format is png, it will use the folder at "Screenshot folder" setting there.
- It is faster than Bethesda - Papyrus. Its speed compared to DirectX - native is currently unknown.

- Delay: this is the delay between the script receives the camera event and it takes the first (only the first!) screenshot.
- Interval: this is the time the script will wait between consecutive screenshots while being in the killcam.
- Max shots: the maximum number of shots to do per killcam. If 0 (default), screenshots will be done until killcam ends.
- Reset index: it will reset the number used in the filenames to 0. This is only for Bethesda - Papyrus mode.
- Keybd event wait: for the steam mode only. It specifies how long the fake F12 keypress lasts.
- Native thread priority. Specifies the priority of the the thread that is created on the Steam method when the killcam happens.
- Format: (only for DirectX mode) BMP, JPG or PNG.
- Specific formats setings such as JPG quality, PNG size or speed, BMP write mode.

- FAQ/Troubleshooting
Q: The killcam is too slow!
A: Use DirectX or Steam modes. If that's not enough, try increasing the "Interval" setting.
Fastest file formats are BMP for DirectX and JPG for Steam.

Q: Steam mode doesn't work!
A: Make sure that Steam is enabled both globally and for Skyrim. More info here.
Also, make sure that the screenshot key is F12.

Q: Steam mode still doesn't work.
A: Try increasing the "Keybd event wait" value. Default is 0.05. Increase it from there by 0.05 each time, until you get a value that it works.

Q: I hate the sound and notification of the Steam mode.
A: Steam->Settings->InGame: There are two checkboxes to disable both things.

Q: I don't get screenshots when I get a first person killcam.
A: Currently, first person killcams aren't supported.

The mod functionality can be fully stopped with the MCM config (uncheck "Enable automatic screenshots"). But if you insist on fully uninstalling it, you should always uncheck that checkbox and save, before uninstalling it using whatever tool.