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Replacement texture for the Main Quest item, Map of Dragon Burials.

Permissions and credits

A completely new replacement texture for the Map of Dragon Burials (000BBCD5) which you initially find on Delphine's table. This is original and created by hand.

In the vanilla game, the texture used on the map is only 512x256 and is understandably very fuzzy. The HRDLC increases that to 1024x512 which, while significantly sharper, still looks a little low quality. I took a piece of parchment from a stock image which I have permission to use, gave it a rubbing of what I assume is some kind of walnut stain (I tried to replicate the grey chalk of the original but was not satisfied with the result), masked the rubbing with the relief from the Dragonstone itself, added the charcoal outlines and then used red ink instead of the original red crayon. Once some dirt and further staining was applied to the edges, the result was a new and highly effective replacement for the Map of Dragon Burials.

This mod contains the texture only - there was no need to replace the mesh. The texture is saved as DXT5 because the texture has torn edges which needs an alpha channel. Do not "optimize" this texture down to DXT1 or you will loose the ragged effect.

- Anywhere. No ESP is needed because this is a simple texture replacer. I am not aware of any other mod that affects this texture.

- NMM / MO / WB - Point your preferred Mod Manager to the .7Z archive and activate the mod.
- Manual - Unpack the download with 7ZIP and copy the included folder to your Skyrim Data folder.

- NMM / MO / WB - Remove the mod as normal.
- Manual: Remove the following file from your Skyrim/Data directory... textures\clutter\dragonmap\