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This section only contains infomation about installing, uninstall, change logs.
Please read the description tab of this mod to find other infomation.

This can be installed with NMM or other mod installers. You don't need to follow these steps if you used a mod installer. The ini changes are already included. All optional plugins need to be loaded after the main esp file.

Extract "1 core files" folder into your Skyrim directory.

Extract a patch plugin file in the "2 patches" into the skyrim/data folder depending on what DLC or mod you have installed. USE ONLY 1 ESP FILE!

DB = Dragonborn
DG = Dawngaurd
IC = Immersive Creatures
MM = Monster Mod

"3 optional esps"
Those are not required for the mod to work. Skip this step if you don't want to change the blood size

Extract a patch plugin into the skyrim/data folder

"4 texture res and color"
"5 blurry screen blood"
"6 alt tex" (reduced blood textures)

These are all optional choices for blood textures, color, and resolution. This step can be skipped if you are going to use the default color and high resolution version.

Extract the "texture" OR "effects" into your skyrim/data folder

Make sure to install the files in order if you are going to use the alt textures

Note that the mod will override those changes. Changing the settings yourself will mean that the settings it will work without the mod.

...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

-Open Skyrim.ini
-Find [Display] and add this line below it:

-Open SkyrimPrefs.ini
-Find iMaxDecalsPerFrame=
-Change the number to 350

-Next add this line below [decals]


Default Screen Blood and Optional Files
Other alternate files are found as optional downloads in the download page. Main download should be installed first then optionals:

To use vanilla screen blood:
Go to


When using NNM to install optional files click on 'no' when asked to update. When updating to a new version or uninstalling you will first need to remove the optional files first before uninstall the main part of the mod.

How to Uninstall
-Go to an indoor area where there are no blood splatters anywhere.

If you have SkyUI you can use the MCM menu to uninstall the mod instead of typing in the console.

-Open console using the ~ key, and type the following:
stopquest zGoreEffectsnNPCQuest
stopquest zGoreEffectsnNPCQuestUpdate
stopquest zGoreEffectsPlayerQuest

(The first two lines are for older versions and will report missing if entered)
(The 3rd line is for version that is above 3.0 or use the MCM uninstall instead)

Uninstall the mod with use of your mod installer.
-if you crashed while loading the save it means that there is blood in the area you are in, go somewhere else.

Check the readme if you installed the mod manually.

Delete the blood folder inside

Delete dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp and any optional files you may have downloaded



NOTE: Ignore if you can't find a file listed below.


Remove any files that start with the name "zblood"



Remove any files that start with the name "zblood"



Change Log
-Fixed certain install options not working (NMM)
-Fixed dark blood color option using effects folder in the wrong location
-Additional blood splatters on melee one-hit kills that are not killmoves
-Minor edits to spasms

-Added NMM installer support
-Scripts will now apply ini settings that are in the Skyrimprefs file and removed the included ini file
-Blood size adjustments
-Increased default severe blood damage threshold from 20% to 22%
-Re-made two severe blood splatters
-Blood pooling has been sped up
-Blood pools now only start after a body has been stationary for short amount of time. Blood drops will continually appear until this happens
-Spasms are now chance based and work with normal killmoves. Spasms will react differently depending on ragdoll or body mod you are using. Using any ragdoll mod will improve the physics of the spasms
-Added MCM menu options for spasms
-Increase amount and rate of initial low heath blood drops
-Increased amount of blood during killmoves
-Adjustments to optional plugins of reduced and larger blood splatter size
-Re-made "brighter blood color optional file"
-Immersive Creatures Compatibility patch: New creatures added from SIC: DLC2 should now bleed properly

Optional files updated:
All DLC patches
All color and resolution files
Wound and splatter size files

3.5b hotfix 1
-Fixed MM-SIC-DG including masters from SIC's DLC2 addon.
-Coniditon edit for MM-SIC-DG-DB

*Version 3.5d
-Redone two different decals for low damage blood spatters
-Fixed a condition that prevented dwarven machines from bleeding (Immersive Creatures patch)
-Added Patch for using both Monster Mod and Immersive Creatures (Monster Mod and Immersive Creatures patch)
-Updated exclusion list for all monster mod patches (monster mod patch)
-Changed default severe blood damage threshold from 0.15 to 0.2

Optional Files Updated:
Immersive Creatures patch
Monster Mod patches
Darker/ Brighter Blood
1024 / 512 Blood

*Version 3.5c*
-Fixed two-handed axes causing blade wounds instead of axe wounds
-Fixed incorrect colors for brighter blood color optional file
-Fixed dirty edit in Dawnguard-Dragonborn Patch
-Added Bethesda's HD weapon blood texture
-Added Immersive Creatures patch
-Randomized combat hit splatter range
-Arrow damage limited to light blood splatters
-Tweaks and improvements to the blood scripts

Optional Files Updated:
Brighter blood color
Dawnguard-Dragonborn Patch

*Version 3.5b*
-Added MCM option script update rate
-Added MCM option reset cloak spell
-Fixed an incorrect blood splatter texture for darker and brighter blood optional files
-Fixed "has no 3D" warnings when the player leaves the area while an actor is bleeding out
-Killmove blood now uses both normal and severe blood splatters
-Increased low health blood splatter range and fixed conditions
-Small tweaks and changes to the blood scripts

Optional Files Updated:
Darker blood color
Brighter blood color

*Version 3.5a*
-Added MCM option for wound duration
-Fixed issue with MCM option for NPC Script turning back on after game restart
-Fixed incorrect default value for blood weapon duration. 256 instead of 10.
-Fixed incorrect brightness of a single blood splatter texture in darker and brighter optional files
-Tweaks to smaller wounds plugin

Optional files updated:
Dawnguard Patch
Dawnguard-Dragonborn Patch
Monster Mod Patch
Darker Blood Splatters
Brighter Blood Splatters
Other esp Tweaks

*Version 3.5*
-Increased blood drop rate after initial hit
-Fixed conditions that stopped blood from appearing for some Skyrim Monster Mod compatibility patches
-Fixed ash guardians from bleeding (Dragonborn DLC)
-Fixed severe blood splatters not working for special creature blood.
-Fixed summoned NPCs and creatures leaving blood pools on death
-Fixed recently dead NPCs that are respawned alive will no longer run around leaving blood pools (fort assault quests)
-Minor edits to blood pool size
-Minor edits to wound texture for blade, axe, and generic damage
-Remade one severe blood splatter
-Improved magic detection to prevent blood pooling if only attacked with magic
-Added different set of blood pool textures will be used on softer surfaces. (Sand, Grass, Dirt, ect)
-Added MCM menu options. You will need SKYUI for the options to be available.

Optional files updated:
All compatibility patches
All lower resolution textures
Brighter and Darker blood colors

**Version 3.0c Hotfix 1
-Fixed blooding conditions that prevent bleeding for:
dD-SkyrimMonsterMod EBT Patch.esp
dD-Dragonborn-MonsterMod EBT Patch.esp

*Version 3.0c
-Added jonwd7's brawl patch
-Compatibility patches for Dragonborn
-Added no spell absorb for Dawnguard patch
-Removed blood flare emety texture, now handled by esp file. Certain magic effects were using it as small glowing orbs.

Optional files updated:
Dawnguard patch
Monster Mod Patch

*Version 3.0b
No clean save needed if you are updating from v3.0 or above.
-Cleaned main
-Added settings to ini file
-Changed cloak apply conditions
-Fixed Spriggan Earth Mother from bleeding (Dawnguard)
-Fixed Arvak from bleeding. Although the default vanilla blood spurt when hit will still occur. (Dawnguard)
-Fixed issues related to magic absorbs that causes swirls around certain NPCs

Optional Files updated:
Dawnguard Compatibility_Patch
Skyrim Monster Mod_Compatibility Patch (v12)

*Version 3.0a*
-Corrected setting value in ini file

*Version 3.0
-Changed script applying method to magic cloak. You will need to do a "clean" save of the mod, unless you were using the beta version from 2.5. Follow the updating/clean save procedures.
-Manual changes to the Skyrim ini to increase blood lifetime is no longer required
-Main plugin cleaned
-Fixed some minor script error reports
-Fixed duplicated blood spurts when decapped
-Fixed player not bleeding (if you were using the beta file in v2.5)
-Fixed no blood splatters when attacking someone in a bleeding out state
-Fixed blood drop script duplicating when the victim has low health then goes into a bleedout state
-Possible improvements to death detection for blood drop script
-Blood splatters appearing when blocking will now only apply when at medium to low health
-Changed blood textures used during executor beheading scenes
-Reduced giant club weapon and werewolf claw wound sizes
-Added two more blood drop textures
-Added two more low health blood splatter textures
-Changed a condition for combat hits so that NPCs will have the same chance of causing blood as the player
-Changed one small blood texture
-Changed one severe blood texture
-Changed normal maps of small splatters
-Changed the blood drop points further forward when someone goes into a bleedout state. Blood drops should be more visable.
-Slightly increased size to severe blood splatters
-Slightly increased size to some small blood splatters
-Slightly reduced blood pool normal map intensity
-Slightly changed Dwarven oil blood, drauger wounds, and blood drops
-Script optimization
-Added 512 resolution textures
-Fixed Larger blood splatter plugin using wrong values and removed dirty edits
-Split darker and brighter blood color optional files

-Optional Files Updated:
Beta Main File (removed)
Darker Brighter Blood (Files split and updated)
1024 Res Textures
Other Blood ESP tweaks
Dawnguard Compatibility Patch
Skyrim Monster Mod Compatibility Patch

*Version 2.5* Hotfix 1
-Main files cleaned
-Fixed minor script error reports
-Possible improvements to death detection of blood drop script.

*Version 2.5*
-Removed conflicting dragon and horse body data.
-Slightly increase small blood size splatters
-Slightly reduced weapon blood duration
-Increased required distance from player before scripts are added to NPCs
-Blocking an attack will now sometimes cause blood splatters, instead of it never happening. Will also be affected by how much damage is done
-Minor blood spurt for both bleeding out and blood pooling
-Minor edit to one hit splatter
-Added blood spurts during and after killmoves
-Possible script stabilization edits
-Added less complex script to handle special creature bleeding. Less missing data and unneeded conditions
-Fixed blood spurt and other issues for "Reduced splatter size.esp"
-Fixed inconsistent colors for "brighter blood" optional file
-Added larger blood splatter decals optional file. Can be found in "Other Blood ESP tweaks" download
-Updated Optional files: Brighter Darker Blood, Monster Mod and Dawngaurd patches, Smaller Blood Splatters, 1024 Textures
-Added beta file for scripts to now be handled by magic cloak instead of alias. May improve compatibility with certain quests and actors. Compatibility patches and optional files will work with this. It is recommend to do a clean save before using this file.

*Version 2.1*
-Remade blood pools, one blood splatter, low health splatter, one small splatter, and blade wound
-Removed Alduin from blood quest alias
-Added a required distance from player before scripts are added to npcs
-Fixed Insect blood pool and splatter mismatched color
-Fixed normal map for one of the small spatters
-Updated Optional Files: Monster Mod patch, 1024 res, Brighter Darker blood

*Version 2.0d*
-Some script property adjustments to main plugin and Compatibility patches
-Remade Monster Mod-Dawnguard patch to fix bleeding conditions not working and DLC1VampireBeastRace errors due to load order change in plugin that was made in a quick fix.

*Version 2.0c*
-Added Dawnguard compatibility patch and Monster Mod with Dawnguard compatibility patch, new creatures should now bleed correctly
-Changed IsUndead condition check to vampire keyword to fix animation reset issue in Castle Volkihar, could be a possible bug within Dawnguard.
-Fixed crossbows and bows not causing bleeding if weapon is enchanted
-Updated Skyrim Monster Mod Patch

Quick Fix 1:
-Fixed header issues with SkyrimMonsterMod EBT Patch.esp

Quick Fix 2:
-Fixed load order in SkyrimMonsterMod EBT Patch.esp

*Version 2.0b*
-Fixed Paprus errors caused by OnHit event, if another mod doesn't apply the same fix for its OnHit event then there will be errors cause by that mod and not this one.
-Decreased blood pool start wait time

*Version 2.0a*
-Fixed all ghosts from bleeding
-Fixed mistake with dragon's shout causing bleeding
-Wound tuning of size and decal
-Optional Files Updated to match changes to current version:
Darker Brighter Blood, Smaller splatter size.esp, Skyrim Monster Mod patch

*Version 2.0*
-New script method to avoid conflicts with other mods and perks that use "Apply combat hit Spell"
-Low damage attacks less than 15% of base health will now produce less severe blood splatters
-Changed blood splatters to blood drops when a NPC is in a bleeding out state
-Player can now bleed like npcs
-Hotfix for "The Forsworn Conspiracy" encounters not ending the quest properly
-Color adjustments to blood splatters, blood pools and wounds
-Removed blood blade impact spurts appearing from the floor during attacks and blood drops
-Changed normal maps for blood pools
-Minor edits to screen blood
-Added Compatibility patch for Skyrim Monster Mod. New monsters will now bleed correctly
-Updated base scripts to use A simple bleeding mod 1.6
-Optional Files Updated: Darker Brighter Blood, Resolution 1024

*Version 1.8a*
-Fixed killmoves sometimes not spraying extra blood splatters.

Note: Certain killmoves are bugged, some are not flagged as killmoves or the victim dies too early during the animation. There appears to be no possible way to fix this. It will be more noticeable with killmove mods that add hidden vanilla killmove animations.

*Version 1.8*
NOTE: You will need to update your game to 1.6 for the mod to work properly.

-Fixed enchanted weapons causing multiple blood splatters on hit
-Fixed resurrected npcs and Sanguine Rose's summon dremora from leaving blood pools
-Changed extra bleeding texture when a target has low health
-Added: Scripted hit splatters and blood pools will use four different textures each instead of one
-Added: Blood drops on ground when someone is attacked with low health
-Added: Spiders and Chaurus will bleed green blood
-Added: Dwarven machines will bleed oil
-Optional files updated: Darker Brighter Blood, Resolution 1024, Reduced Hit Blood Chance, and Reduced Blood Splatter Alternative Textures

*Version 1.7b*
-Fixed an error that caused the papyrus log to constantly report errors, possible crash fix. ("A simple bleeding mod" Script update to 1.5a)
-Optional File: Added craftyfox's Alternative Reduced Splatter Textures

*Version 1.7a*
NOTE: You do not need to do a clean save for 1.7a unless you currently have 1.7 installed:
-Removed: scripted Hit splatters and blood pools using use 4 different textures each instead of 1. This would not work unless you are using Skyrim beta patch 1.6. This will be added when Skyrim 1.6 is out of beta.

*Version 1.7*
-Fixed a bug in brawling events
-Fixed "Take Up Arms" quest with Vilkas complaining about you are casting magic on him
-Fixed error with player attacks creating more blood splatters than normal
-Fixed error with blood splatters appearing when an NPC kills someone with magic
-Prevented Chaurus from bleeding red
-Scripts updated to use 1.5 version of "A simple bleeding mod"
-Optional Files: Reduced Hit Blood Chance, Darker and Brighter Colors, and Reduced Splatters are now Updated to current changes

*Version 1.6a*
-Decapitation bleeding and spasms features are now also added to people who were decapitated without being in a killmove, like those in executioner scenes.
-Fixed NPC's attack to cause hit splatters chance was incorrectly set at 50% instead of 75%.

*Version 1.6*
-NPCs can now cause bleeding and blood pooling, reduced npc's attack to cause hit splatters, 75% chance per hit
-Fixed hit splatters not appearing on certain surfaces
-Added lower resolution versions for darker and brighter blood color optional files
-Scripts updated to use 1.4b version of "A simple bleeding mod"
-Reduced Hit Blood Chance: updated to current version and added optional for NPC's hit blood chance with settings of 25% and 0%

*Version 1.5
-Fixed certain quest ghosts from bleeding
-Wound size corrections, again. Wound size is now based on the weapon type and not enemy size and fixed height and width size using incorrect values.
-Update optional Smaller Wounds and Splatters esps to work with newer versions
-Prevented spiders from bleeding red blood
-Hit splatters will now appear if an enemy was killed in one hit
-Blood pools will now appear 3 seconds after a killmove instead of instant
-Minor alpha edits to screen blood, removed odd shapes.

-Reduced Hit Blood Chance: Only reduces the chance of scripted blood splatters appearing from attacks. Other features will still work as intended. Using this may cause the buggy vanilla blood decal to be more noticeable.
-No Vanilla Hit Blood Decal Placement: Removes the buggy vanilla blood decal placer that causes blood transparency.
-Darker and brighter blood color optional files

*Version 1.4*
-Created new texture for blood pools when an npc dies. Blood pools well continue to be thicker the longer the body lies in the same spot.
-Correct extra bleeding from hits and normal kills appearing without modifying perks.
-Increased visibility for static blood textures
-Minor arrow and generic wound shape corrections

-Updated to 1.2 version of "A simple bleeding mod:
The error with bleeding effects overriding some vanilla effects is handled on a different way
Fixed the error with bleeding not showing sometimes due to the latest fix with vanilla effects
Fixed decapitated bleeding while victim is crouching on ground
Added a little more visual blood to decapitations
A decapitated victim will have spasms for a few seconds

*Version 1.3b*
-Fixed bleeding not working for animals and creatures if you don't have certain perks active

*Version 1.3a*
Workaround for a limitation or bug with vanilla perk's "on hit spell" effects that is only able to apply one hit effect per contact. Affects limbsplitter, hack and slash, Bullseye, Paralyzing Strike, Trick Shot and Warmaster perks from not working correctly. Thanks to mitchalek for information on this.

You have 2 options:

Only use main download:
Keeps all bleed effects when you have these perks active but will result in changes to those perk's spell effects. Other mods will conflict if they change the spell effects of those perks or if a mod adds a new "on hit spell" perk effect which will make the extra blood not appear at all. Recommend using this if you are sure that you have no other mod that changes those perks

Install Extra Bleeding for Killmoves only:
Needs main download installed first and replaces main file. Loss of extra bleed effects, but all killmoves will still work even if those perks have been changed or added by a mod. More compatible friendly with other mods. This can also be an option if you want extra blood to be only on killlmoves.

*Version 1.3*
-Updated scripts to use 1.1a version of "A simple bleeding mod":
Fixed warhammer decapitation not bleeding from the head
Changed the bleeding node depending on victim's race
Fixed bleeding effects not playing if victim was killmoved while bleeding out (crouching). NOTE: 1 handed decapitation doesn't play the bleeding sometimes while victim is crouching.
Vampires and dremoras are now affected by bleed scripts
Bleeding for ranged killmoves

-Added delay before blood pooling starts for normal kills and bleeding out
-More blood from hits if target's has low health
-Priority adjustments for gore perk to allow priority for other on hit spell effects
-Changed generic wound texture

*Version 1.2*
-Added and slightly modified scripts from pauderek's "A simple bleeding mod"
-More blood from hits
-Blood pooling from killed npcs and creatures
-More blood around a radius if it's from a killmove
-Bleeding out npcs will now produce blood decals until they get back up or die
-Npcs will bleed from the neck from decapitation killmoves
-Does not modify vanilla perks and no need of perks to have more blood
-Shorter length for blade cut wounds

*Version 1.1*
-Fixed issue where some static placed blood decals can be shaped into a thin line (again)
-"No screen blood" is now an esp file instead of textures.
-New wound textures for arrows and unarmed attacks
-Reduced screen blood base amount count per hit from 2 to 1. Higher damage attacks will still spray more blood on screen compared to weaker hits.
-Edits to static placed blood textures
-Added following plugin files:
No screen blood
Smaller Wounds
Smaller Splatters
Shorter weapon blood duration (60 seconds)

*Version 1.0*
-Added claw and generic wound texture for creature, blunt and arrow attacks
-Increased chance of combat blood using a function revealed in the CK
-Fixed errors in body part data
-Corrections to blade wounds angle
-Minor edits to blade wound and hit splatters

-Added: Basic improvements on original decapitation texture.
-Added: Color edits to hit spurts so that they are a bit redder rather than black.
-Edits to world placed blood to fix odd shapes in blood and adjust normal map

*ALPHA 7a*
-Adjustments to hit splatter textures,
-Fixed issue where some hand placed blood decals can be shaped into a thin line
-Minor edits to "detailed screen blood reduced" and made it as standard for screen blood
-Reduced screen blood duration

-Separated blood splatters from hits and those hand placed in the world
-New hit splatter texture
-New hit wound texture

-Attempt to increased blood splatter chance by adding impact data to body parts of npcs and creatures that had none set. (Will still have random skew or transparency)
-Increased blood splatter size from hits
-Increased wound size
-Added optional file: Detailed Screen Blood Reduced
-Up-res and shaping of default wound texture (No unique wound textures for each weapon type yet)

-Increase screen blood max amount to 10 and minimal size to 0.15
-Adjusted Normal map and increased size of alpha for blood splatters
-Added optional plugins for screen blood. The main plugin already makes changes to them with values of 10 for max amount with 8 duration. Use these if you want to change them.

More Screen Blood - Max blood on screen 20 and minimal size increased
Less Screen Blood - Max blood on screen 4

Longer Screen Blood Duration - 12 seconds
Shorter Screen Blood Duration - 2 seconds

-Made changes to normal map, alpha, and colors for splatters
-Reduced max amount of blood on screen from 35 to 8 (Was high for blur textures)
-Minor change to screen blood contrast

-Made detailed screen blood standard. Improved blurry screen blood available as an optional download
-Test for NMM update version errors for files that use letters

*ALPHA .2a*
ESP changes:
-Increased fade rate for screen blood
-Reduced blood screen duration from 20 to 8 seconds

*ALPHA .2*
-Created new blood textures. The current texture is meant for hit splatters. It may look out of place in dungeons. It will be fixed when CK is released so blood textures don't share with one another.
-New detailed blood texture option for screen blood.
-Removed the following files as they appear to not be used in-game:,
-New plugin that will change the following
-Blood on weapons to removal time increased to 9999 seconds

Screen blood changes:
-Blood opacity will now always be near max.
-Max size increased by 2 times
-Duration kept the same but max amount of blood on screen increased by 10.

-Improved the existing default blood textures for map placed blood decals. Resolution increased from 512 to 2048.
-Created new screen blood textures that would match the default size. Will now have a splatter appearance.
-Added No screen blood optional file