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  • Enhanced Blood Textures v3.0 Released

    *Version 3.0*
    -Changed script applying method to magic cloak. You will need to do a "clean" save of the mod, unless you were using the beta version from 2.5. Follow the updating/clean save procedures.
    -Manual changes to the Skyrim ini to increase blood lifetime is no longer required
    -Main plugin cleaned
    -Fixed some minor script error reports
    -Fixed duplicated blood spurts when decapped
    -Fixed player not bleeding (if you were using the beta file in v2.5)
    -Fixed no blood splatters when attacking someone in a bleeding out state
    -Fixed blood drop script duplicating when the victim has low health then goes into a bleedout state
    -Possible improvements to death detection for blood drop script
    -Blood splatters appearing when blocking will...

  • Enhanced Blood Textures v3.6 Released

    -Added NMM installer support
    -Scripts will now apply ini settings that are in the Skyrimprefs file and removed the included ini file
    -Blood size adjustments
    -Increased default severe blood damage threshold from 20% to 22%
    -Re-made two severe blood splatters
    -Blood pooling has been sped up
    -Blood pools now only start after a body has been stationary for short amount of time. Blood drops will continually appear until this happens
    -Spasms are now chance based and work with normal killmoves. Spasms will react differently depending on ragdoll or body mod you are using. Using any ragdoll mod will improve the physics of the spasms
    -Added MCM menu options for spasms
    -Increase amount and rate of initial low heath blood drops