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~Imaginator Presets~
#NEW# "Bleak Preset" Available NOW! 
Suggested by Redbluesky21 

I've come up with a few nice Imaginator presets while playing this amazing game. I may update or add presets in the future. So far I have made three presets:

 *Pure Realism - Gives the game a beautiful & naturally realistic look.

 *Dynamic Warmth - Gives the game an all-round cosier atmosphere.

 *Totally Fresh - Gives the game a chilly & refreshing look.

 #NEW# *Bleak - Makes the game look and feel gloomier. (Suggested by Redbluesky21)


                                                                                      #VIDEO NOT CURRENTLY WORKING#
                                                                                         That is why I just linked the URL
                                                                                        Video by Cal from DirtyWeaselMedia                                                                                                                                                                         (Go to - 14:41 to see a showcase of my presets)


All preset screenshots are displayed above and they are also included with a text file giving you the exact details for each preset. You can give me suggestions as to what could improve these presets. You can also suggest ideas for new presets. Just run it by me first and I will try to give you those presets! Feel free to upload your own screenshots with these presets applied and I will display my favourites in the images section! :)

I highly recommend using the following mods in combination with these Imaginator presets. They really help bring out the best of Imaginator's highly customisable visuals!

Click on the '#' |
*Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO) #


*Enhanced Lights & Effects (ELFX) #

*Climates of Tamriel (CoT) #

*I Can't Believe It's Not ENB! (ICBINE) 2/3

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